Sunday, January 13, 2013

Perpetual Calendar Day!!!!! This is Beautiful.

Happy Sunday my friends!  Today I would like to share with you a really fun project and beautiful gift all in one.  Gina, over at Gina's Designs sent me this perpetual calendar and so I spent time this last week putting it all together and I am in awe (well not of myself, but of the simplicity of the project) of how it turned out.  I have seen a variety of these calendars and have even tried a few of them and overall this has been the easiest for me to put together AND decorate.  

 This photo here is from the left and the one below is from the right.  I added quite a few laser cuts from Gina's Designs and will list them at the bottom so you can easily find them.  These are just beautiful and I left them all natural because I felt it fit my project the best.  But I have been working with this product now a week or so and I tell you- you can do anything with it.  (as you will see, coming up in the next few weeks!). 

The picture below is the Month, Day and then some of the days pulled out and layed so you can see them.  It was not really hard to decorate these- even though they have the detailed edge you can get the design as a file to print out but I fuzzy cut all of mine!  ACK, I know- it went so fast and I am thrilled with the way they all turned out.  Now if you are a perfectionist, maybe not- but I like the natural look and this was such a wonderfully easy project to make.  

I am going to show you a few photos (quickly) of how easy it was to put this little box together.  It litterally took me no more than 8-10 minutes to put it together with just 2 hands.  First I covered all my pieces so they were ready to be assembled.   

I then set the pieces next to one another and started with the back piece and the bottom, moving to the  R side: I used a clear E6000 glue on each of the little tabs, slid it together and in 30 seconds I was ready to move on to the next piece. 

Here is where I put both of the dividers in at one time and made sure they were in straight and then moved onto the last piece.  There was enough time to wiggle them into their perspective slots on the last piece and WA-LA.....  Bob's your uncle!   It was done, and I had done it myself!  LOL.  
I do hope that if you are looking to make a perpetual calendar you will try this one- they are so beautiful and easy to do.  So here are the details! 

Butterflies and Dragonflies

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Sharon said...

Very cute!!! You made it look so easy!!

ShelbyDoodle Designs by Nancy Smith said...

Very pretty Heidi, great job :)

Dawn Carlyle said...

I love how you left the chipboard natural.... I never even thought to do that!

Lisa aka Raining said...

Your calendar looks wonderful! I love how you used the paper with the edges of the hardboard showing. Looks great!

Vicki said...

Amazing project!