Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Hello ladies! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and that you got all those wonderful goodies that you've been wishing for (even if you had to purchase and wrap them yourselves!) Yeah- you all know who you are. I am always amazed and thankful that my husband is a good shopper and likes to purchase my gifts without me knowing. I am like a kid on Christmas, I like to NOT know what I was getting. But I could definately get used to knowing that I will LOVE all my gifts too if I had to! So you go girls!

I was going to post a picture today but for some reason blogger is not allowing me to do that. I had to try a couple times to log in so it must be the system. I am hoping to be back right after the new year with some fun things. As you may know- the new SU catalog is in and I have it in my hands. It is a beautiful catalog (but I like the cover of the last one a little better still) and has some fabulous things in it. For those scrapbookers I am excited b/c I think it has some cool scrapbooking sets too! So, if you've not seen it- call your demo and get your copy!

For those of you local to me- I am going to get an Open House on the calendar so we can do something fun and get the catty in your hands! But for now- you all have a Happy New Year and see you in 2008!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Markers vs Copics!

I just had to share another project that I have been working on. Once again- I used my SU markers to color this precious girl and her reindeer and my aquapainter. I am so happy with the results that I have decided that I will buy more SU markers with the New Year and hold off on copics.

I will not be posting again until after Christmas but wanted to wish all you viewers and faithful friends and customers a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope that it brings much joy and health to each of you!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Perfect Gift..........

I just had to share this photo with you all as it is just an amazing gift card pocket. I saw this on someone else's website (not my own making and can not recall whose it is) but it is a little pocket to put your gift cards in. Is it not just beautiful?

Anyways- it has been a busy week before the holidays- as I am sure you are all experiencing as well. Hunter and Jake only have one day of school left so they are all excited- then the countdown to the holiday visits and such. I look forward to it. With that, if we do not meet again before Christmas you all have a Blessed Holiday and stay safe.

Ta ta- Heidi

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ultimate Website!

I just have to share this with all of you. I have been visiting Tim Holtz website for his 12 days of Christmas Tags, well I actually found it on day 5 and it was so inspiring. I could not wait each day for the next tag, new product demo and Tim's great witt! Well it has come to an end but I wanted to invite all of you to go and check it out. You can still read about the tags and techniques he used, oh and of course there is Cooper, his dog, which is hilarious! Take a few minutes to check it out! I am tellin ya- you will not be disappointed......... we are talking talent here.

Tim Holtz

Thursday, December 13, 2007

She is adorable!

Here is another one of the precious moments images that I got off of SCS this last week. I was so worried about coloring these, hoping they wouldn't look like a preschooler colored them. I love them. I am so waiting for a couple that I am purchasing to arrive! I collect PM so this is fun, I never knew they had their own line- which, by the way, is no longer available unless you find them on ebay or someone that has them already. Poohey! But I am working on building a small collection (like I need that!).
I do apologize for not posting again- I feel like I am doing this alot but I have had some issues with the site loading and letting me post. It is all I can do sometimes is to get on, post really quick and hope it saves correctly.
I hope that you are all getting ready for the holidays and things are falling into place for you. I have most of my shopping done, the house is decorated and that is it. We had the big holiday get together that I had to prepare for already so now- it is all just sit back and have fun. Now does that sound good or what?
I will try and post some projects but gosh- I have not done anything but these two cuties lately. So take care and see ya later!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Isn't it Precious?

This is an image that I got from SCS and I just love it. I am always envious of some of those other ladies that can color these detailed stamps in and get them to look awesome. So, I must say that I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. Not perfect but very sweet. I wanted to stay with the softness of the precious moments dolls and so I used my chalks for this. I didn't put a sentiment on this one but I am still thinking about it- if not, it can be used for a variety of things but leaning towards the friendship sentiments. Please tell me what you think!

I know I have not been around much but honestly have not had the "creative bug" either. Tonight I forced myself and this was my creation so I am feeing pretty good so hope to be back a few times a week now- I hope you are all getting your holiday shopping and decorating done. I am done with the decorating, have a few last minute things to pick up but all the BIG stuff is done. So happy shopping!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Good Day!

I have this website with the cutest little thing- you enter your name and it tells you your elf name. Mine is Trixie Ho ho! What is yours?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Where is Heidi??????????

Well it has been a busy life week for me and I honestly have done NO crafting, yes, I know, but it is true my dear friends that check in on me so often. I have been deprieved of this hobby but you know what, it feels a little good. Do you feel like sometimes you do so much of one thing that you just don't feel interested in it? Well that has been me (gasp) I know, but I am thinking I will get "it" back in another week when I have a few other committments done.

But I will say, I have found a fun place to hang out and be addicted to: a friend of mine introduced me to a PIF thread over at SCS and boy have I had fun. I have been able to trade off some of my sets I no longer want and get some sets I didn't even know I HAD to have. But seriously, I have gotten some house mouses, bellas, and whipper snappers! Does that not sound like fun? If you've got sets or stamps in general you want to trade- stop on over. It is a fast moving thread and so you better hand on tight and call it if you want it. Check it out:

And with that being said, have a great weekend and I will be back next week. And if I do any crafting I will post something for you all. Thank you for checking back with me though!


Monday, November 26, 2007

" Snow flurries and Snowmen "

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend some time with your families. We had a great 4 days........... turkey dinner was oh so yummy too! I want more stuffing!!!! And with that said, I did no stamping or crafting this week at all. Can you believe it, some of these ladies with their daily blogs and addding things daily............. how do they find the time? I need to make things up ahead of time to get ahead of the blog and then I will have lots to post regularly for you; so I am sorry that I have slacked over the last week.

I will show you some very beautiful Christmas tags though, if you recall I hosted a Holiday Tag swap on SCS last month and these are just a few of the lovely tags that I received. Now I must say that it was one of the most successful swaps and most beautiful outcomes. I am sad to say that I took them all out of their packages so I can not tell you who sent them all in to me. If you did- please post a comment as I would want you all to have the credits/kudos. So, the first two- are these not the sweetest tags for on YOUR package? If I got them on my package I would definately save these little snowmen- oh well, I do have them so maybe I will save them. Or I could choose a special person to receive a package from me with the tag but I must choose the right person that will "cherish" the tag (forget the package!) Then the second picture has the "heritage looking tags" to me, the beautiful cardinal (mrussom is the maker of this tag) which I never took a second look at this set until I got this card- she has used glitter on it as well. The next photo has some fun tags as well- look a the sewn one! Oh they were just so much fun to receive and package after package they were more beautiful ones. So, thanks to all the ladies that joined that swap because I will have lots of tags for my packages this year.
I hope you enjoyed these tags and maybe it will give you some ideas for making your own, or at the least get you in the mood for making them. I spent part of this weekend getting the tree up, organizing christmas presents- now to clean the rest of the house and prepare for the family get together here on the 8th. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hanna does some damage- GIRLFRIENDS!!!

I just had to share this one with you since I didn't like my last one and I had said I wanted to make this set work. I love it! I masked off a circle around her head/body and sponged in celery and then colored in on the inside. Then I wanted her bags to "pop" so I stamped them on DP and cut them out and popped them up. I love it- so cute.

Then I pulled out the holiday set and started working these. The one on the left is just colored in and some ribbon added but I love the DP that I used. The one on the right, I had to try a different color than red/green. This is soft sky, the skirt is DP that I stamped and cut and attached to the image. I used some glitter on the tree and the snow under it. I am thrilled with these cards and now I am feeling "Happy" about owning these sets even if they are not SU.
I am thinking that I will do some sort of holiday 12 days of Christmas game as the 1st arrives so check back and join me. I will post before then hopefully though! Geesh..... think you are rid of me already- NOT!

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Little Something........

I just had to show one more project that I did with my BIA........... since I am loving this little tool and making lots of fun little books with it. This is for a secret person, she will be getting it as part of a swap that I am in. I hope she enjoys it since she loves Disney and will be going again soon. It was a lot of fun to make too!
I even found a little Mickey paperclip that I got from somewhere because I only had one of them. It was a perfect addition and can be used to hold the photo. These are the two inside pages of the book.
I am hoping to finish up here and do some stamping. I think that I want to use my Hanna's stamps a little bit more and try to get some new ones on here. You know, Krista has her 3rd set out and so I better get to stamping with the 2 that I have already!
Talk to you all a bit later!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update, but no picture today..........

I just wanted to stop by ladies, it was a busy weekend as you can imagine. The craft show was alright, it was fun but not a real business adventure lets put it that way. Couple hundred and that was about it and I still have lots left, I guess I know what friends and family will be getting for the holidays! Thanks to those that stopped by!

Today I added some music to the site, couldn't get on to add photos but maybe later. So, what do you think? I like going on to sites and having a little background music........... hope you enjoy.

I also have 1 more project that I have to get done this week and into the mail for a secret pal. Once I am done with it, I will take a picture and get it on here so you can all see it. It is using my bind it all and Mickey Mouse stuff........ I have it in my head and it is really cute so I hope it turns out and she enjoys it.

Thanks for stopping by and I WILL have a picture up soon!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bind it all...........

I promised to give you the scoop on this and I finally pulled it out, well actually it was sitting out on my desk but I was a little intimidated by it. It looks kinda scary and the little tag says do not remove unless in use to avoid any harm. So, I thought I might lose a finger or something. But I tried it and it is so fun. I seriously put a book together in minutes. I have found it is best to cover the coasters and then punch the bindings in them, they look nice and neat that way. So, I put these three little holiday books together and embellished them all very quickly for my bazaar this weekend (did I mention this to you all yet?)

Here is the first little album I put together. It has 3 coasters so 6 sides and I embellished it so that only the little photos need to be put into it now. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. I used a new pack of holiday paper from K&Co along with some of my SU colors to coordinate and a few stamps and rub ons. I am thinking that I will charge about $4 for these at the sale and I think they would make the cutest little holiday teacher/friend gifts. Plus I have a stack of coasters leftover from my big purchase!

I hope that you have enjoyed the photos, the binding system is easy and it looks really nice. I don't think that anyone would know that I put it together!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hanna Stamp!

I am on board......... I love Hanna stamps, they are just so cute and so "me". This set is But I want it and has lots of little other stamps too! I used ink/waterbrush on this one and I am not 100% happy with it. I want to experiment with some other techniques but thought I would get her on here. I also used a little glitter on her dress..........................

And of course, you are waiting to see who the winner of the blog candy is. And the winner is.....


Send me your addy and I will get this package out to you. Probably won't get on a lot this week as I will be traveling and then the show is this weekend. Have a great week!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

BLOG Candy...!!!

I know, I am way past it and I have talked about it for long enough so I figured I better do this now. I am hoping to do something for the holidays so figure the timing is right. So here you go! You will get 2 sets of studio g clear stamps: my friend and party. You will get a handful of polka dot ribbon in lavender and olive(ish) colors and an alterable vinyl calendar/notepad. If you recall I had altered these for my upcoming bazaar. Then, I have 5 cards from Paper source- the one in the back is a matchbook card in celery with watermelon inserts, then pink/pink, celery and coral, purple/gray and then a white embossed card with pink polka dot envy. All you have to do is post a comment about something that I have posted on here, tell me what you did or did not like about it. I will do a random drawing, would it be called that if my son draws the name? Well anyways- I will do this on Sunday the 4th so comment by 6pm! And thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!!

Oh my Melissa Craig tagged me- check out her sight here She has some nice things which include a cute new puppy and she is getting ready for BLOG CANDY!

So, now that I have been tagged I have to do the following:

1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post 7 random/weird facts about yourself on your blog (cause we all want to know how weird you are!)
3. Tag 7 people at the end and link to their blog
4. Leave comments on each blog that you tag so that they know!

Random facts: (not so weird though)
1. I have a tigger tatoo on my right ankle that I had done as a gift to my husband for his birthday!

2. I can belch louder than most men I know (not that I am proud of it but it has come in handy at contests)

3. I live in Michigan and yet I hate the winter!

4. I traveled in Europe for a month in 1985 with my mother (and we are still speaking!)

5. I am adopted (so is my brother)

6. When I vacation, I like to go tropical (not so weird but true!)

7. I can wiggle my ears (is that desperate for #7 or what?)

Now I am suppose to tag 7 ladies/men but I know there is a lot of tagging going on so I will only pick a couple.

Roxy She has some sweet boxes and wonderful ideas.

Emily I just love her stuff and she looks like a FUN gal!

Amanda She has fun "other" stuff to share with us!

Krissy I have to do this, she is a fellow Michigander with new Hanna Stamps! (so cute too!)

Michelle She has fun stuff- and a good trader

Paula A new swapping friend with some beautiful work

Okay I am going to stop there. ............... but you ladies, get ready for some BLOG CANDY! I am thinking up something fun for the holidays as well!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Designer Paper- Oh yeah!!!

Now how long have I been a demo? Oh yeah- 3 years and all this time I have been hoarding my DP packages. Not that you ladies don't deserve to use them but because I just thought they were tooooooo pretty to cut and use. That was until I made this card, now this is the Christmas card we did at my last stamp camp and I just love it if I must say so myself. And as you can see, it uses designer paper! I couldnt believe how quick and easy it was to make this card and then to have it look this good- using DP!!!! (did I say that again?) So of course I will be making more of these little buggers. BUT also we are going to have a special in November- you purchase 3 packs of DP and you get one FREE- that is up to 9.95 of FREE product. I can not wait- it can be the ones in the current mini as well............. now that is what I am talking about. No better way to get your holiday cards going and making it easier on yourself to boot! So if you need DP- now is the time to stock up!

I know, I got off easy today but I have done nothing the last 3 nights, NOTHING- I think that I burned myself out and just couldn't sit down and create. But I am ready to start again so hopefully tonight I will get some time and if I do- you will get to see the goodies!

And- it is about time for more blog candy ladies- I am at almost 3000!! So keep an eye out, not sure what I am going to do but do have a few ideas in my head.
Tata- heidi

Monday, October 22, 2007


Are these not the prettiest snowflakes you have ever seen? I just think they are beautful and so easy to make. I will write this out and if you have questions just ask. Take a 6x6 piece of DP and score every 1 inch: so 1,2,3,4,and 5 inches and then fold it like an accordian. Then mark at 3 inches and staple at that mark. Now you will want the open ended side facing you- I marked at 1.5 in from each end and and I cut from my mark out or up to the end- at an angle so that you are forming a point. Do this at both ends and then you will fan out and tape with something sturdy the open ends and wala! I took my liquid glue and swirled on the reddish one and then sprinkled with glitter and ohhhh, ahhhh it is so pretty and festive. I might make a few of these and put on a tree at the bazaar and if anyone should want to purchase they can. I might even make something to dangle from one of the points. I think they took me like 5 minutes to make them once I had them figured out- I can do these while sitting at my booth, waiting on hold, sitting in the waiting room, or driving (okay, that might be pushing it but you get my point) . Hope you all enjoy!!!
I know it is not a lot but I am so in the preparing mode for this bazaar. Tonight I made 13 snowman soups in cone shaped packets along with the tags for them, last night I made like 40 tags then finished up the photo holders and mailboxes. So things are moving along but lots of work girls! I will try and get a few more projects up this week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Memories linger.......................

Even though the vacation is now over, I still have the memories.......... and I need to scrap them too! This is the sunset one evening that we went out, we have like 40 different views of it so uploaded this one. I still need to review and delete and then upload so maybe you'll see more pictures in the upcoming weeks. We got home at like 3:30 yesterday morning, it was a 14 hour trip and I am so glad it is over and so is my stomach. Jim and I had the best time, we relaxed, read books, walked the beach and ate/drank of course. I love that they have those happy hours at those resorts- yummy is all I can say. But it is good to be home, we started to really miss the boys on Sunday or Monday and I do believe they are glad to be back at home as well.

So, now what am I going to be doing? Well as many of you know I have that craft show that I am organizing and also having a table. So, I have been working on projects for it. I found, yeah I had forgotten that I had all these little metal mailboxes (remember when target had them in their dollar spot?) and I bought them with this bazaar in mind. So tonight I finished up decorating 12 of them- this is one of them: I am not sure if I will sell them on their own or if I will 1. fill little baggies with goodies and put them inside or 2. put a little baggie of gift tags. Either way I still have to price them which I find is difficult to do. I may pop over to SCS and get some thoughts from the ladies over there. They always seem to have good ideas/suggestions.
So that is what I will be working on for the next two weeks. I will try and get some pictures up of some different things as well- I just got a new bunch of stamps and product and am excited to use them. (still have not done my product review of my zutter either because I have not used it- I am a bit intimidated but Jen S said she would stop over and help me out)
Talk to ya later- have a birthday for one of the boys tomorrow at grandma's- can't believe he is 15 already! Yikes...............

Monday, October 8, 2007

Scratch n Sniff..........

Ahhhhhhhhh, it smells like, orange! I wanted to do a technique that my customers had not done or shall I say had done with me. So I chose, yes a halloween card to make them happy (and the fact we did 2 other christmas cards in October!) and I loved out it turned out. I used the Batty for you set and then Seeing spots with black and pumpkin ink. So, where is the smell? Let me show you- I did wonder how I would do this but then I just thought make it right there! You almost have to feel that spot when you open the card and so I thought it would work best. Now, maybe I should make a little sticker that goes on it that says "scratch n sniff" with a little arrow? Oh who cares- it is cute and it smells good if you know what you are doing and it seemed the ladies liked it. To do this I made up a mixture of 1 part non-sugar kool aid to 2 parts clear embossing powder. Then I stamped the spot in pumpkin and then stamped over it in versamark, it was pretty easy to match up and to be honest it didn't have to be exactly right on. Then I covered with the kool aid/embossing powder mixture and heat embossed. Now when you scratch it- it smells like oranges. You could use any flavor- just use non-sugar ingredients so you don't scorch it.
Just a reminder to my faithful readers...... I will be on vacation for a bit so I will not be posting for a week or so. I hope you will post comments and wish for me to come back? maybe? Ah I will be basking in the sun, drinking little drinks with umbrellas so no matter what- I will be "good" when I get back. You all take care!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What is better than chocolate?

Personally? I think that chocolate packaged in sweet little packages- ones that call out to me, buy me buy me! I made a handful of these for the craft show in November and I will be making a bunch more since I got like 50 of these little pillow boxes. I do like how they turned out and I made some coffee, fallish and then I will have some holiday ones but the show is Nov 10th and I am not sure if people will want to purchase chocolate gifts that far in advance. But don't you think the turkey is the cutest!? I just love him and that is what we alway say about our cat Frank- he is not fat either, just a little fluffy. I couldn't resist- now I have to figure out how much to charge. Jen S- if you read this, give me your thoughts. Well I have to go to dinner with my hubby and the boys so I will check back with you all later.
Oh and don't forget about the Candy for a cause..................

Blog Candy for a Cause.................

Well I hope the "blog candy" got your attention. I have been thinking about blog candy and have just not had a chance to do it. But as I was doing some light reading on blogs this morning I ran upon Candy for a Cause. What can be better than sending some "cheer" to someone that really needs it and then by chance you might win something sweet. So, check out Andreas blog and get the scoop. This is a family with twins baby girls that have been diagnosed with neuroblastomas- yes, you heard me correct, both of them were diagnosed at the same time. All you have to do is send them a card. So go- stop reading and spread some "cheer" to them. This is a local Michigan family so come on Michigan pals- lets fill that box with Michigan cards!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hold on tightly...........

These are little note or photo holders for on your desk. I have seen a lot of these online and SCS and thought I would give them a try and they are sooooooo peasy easy. I think it would make a cute co-worker gift or for someone in the family that has an office. I will be making a few of these for my bazaar in November but will also have some non-holiday ones for purchase as I know I would want to change them out. And yes, they are the large binder clips- Jen, my downline introduced me to The Flower Factory and I got a box of 12 for like 85cents- now that is a good deal.

Okay- so what else am I working on you ask.............. well I have not broken down and read the manual for my zutter but Jen tells me it will almost work on its own so maybe one evening I will just jump in and use it and see what happens. Then I can do a product review for you. So, instead I will show you this:

This is a card I got from my pal friend Sue Kempter Miller. I just love this set so I was thrilled that she sent me a card made with because I do not have it yet. Angie- you will want to lift this card as it is sooooooo darned cute. Plus it has that "hoardable" paper on it! Thank you Sue for sending me such a beautiful card.

And that is it for this fine Wednesday. I will post some pictures later this week from my stamp camp- don't want to show the girls the rest of the goodies and ruin it. I designed the last item last evening and love it- plus it uses a technique that I have not personally done- so look forward to that.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Blues.........

Good Monday and October 1st to you all! I can't believe it rained all day here, I used my little space heater to get the cold out of the bones! Oh, I know many of you are thinking for heaven sakes Heidi- what are you........ gettin old! Nope, always been like this. I just get cold easy and don't like rainy days unless I can sleep! :) Which I did not get to do today I might add!

So, I have this stamp camp this weekend and I have been sitting down in the evenings to create the projects that I will be doing. One of the projects I prepared for the summer camp that I cancelled so that just needed to be cut for all the ladies. Then I wanted fresh new ideas- I went to that seminar a couple weeks ago and thought it would be so much fun to do some of the things there. So, this is what I designed using one of the patters we made. I wanted it to be a Christmas card but something different, not your typically green and red, squares, etc... and I love this designer paper. I used Rose Red for this with celery base. The base of the inner square is rose red. I used the white zig pen to add the little dots on the scallops. I used flaky friends and just used one of the set of 5 snowmen in a row- colored with a marker. I just love this card- hope the camp ladies do as well.

The next item, sticking with the holiday theme here for a few minutes is a scrapbooking pages. Now, this was designed by one of the ladies at the SU seminar we went to a couple weeks ago again but I just love it. One it has the dashing paper which is a MUST for any paper "hoarder", you all know who you are! Yes, you, the one that won't share any of your paper because it is too good for your best friends! It is something you store in a closet and bring it out to just stare at it and drool over the colors, it is the paper that you DO NOT cut and God forbid the little ones actually get ahold of it to make their own special project. That will send you to therapy for a few year. Yes, so you all know who you are and I won't point any fingers at you (wendy). :) Anyways- now I can't even recall what point #2 is! But I just really like how it all meshes together and the point is that our colors are just so wonderful together! I think that you would all agree.

So- that is what you will get from me for this Monday- I will try and post again this week prior to the club but don't want to spoil all the stuff for the girls!



Thursday, September 27, 2007


I can not take credit for these two halloween projects but I can certaily take joy in looking at them. I just love 'em and for those that know me, know that is pretty impressive since I am not really a halloweenie kind of person. Just don't get into it and neither do my kids. But, I got the test tube from my upline Kim when we went to a SU Seminar this weekend and I thought it was so cute! Now, I will say that I do like this stamp set from SU and I think that it is because it is round and it fits so well with the scallop punch. The card is actually a card that we made at the seminar and it is colorful. The bubbles........... that was a real task in itself, those are all dry embossed during the day on SU cardstock which is so thick you can't use a light box for it! So I ended up just feeling for the indents on the brass stencil- ended up doing all 3 of ours (Oh, yeah- because I was so good at it.......NOT!) I just thought both of these projects were worth putting up here for you ladies and I hope you enjoy them.

Now- I do owe you all apologies as it has been a week since I posted and I know that is a sure way of losing viewers (and it is the new season you all k now!) So I apologize- I had a show last Thursday, prep for the seminar Sat and then the Seminar and then some family/work things to do so I didn't get much done.

So, here is a fall tag that I got from a friend some time ago and I just love it. The set is retired but she used wonderful colors, shrinky dinks and it just makes me feel so warm inside. These are the kinds of tags that I end up keeping forever because I can't part with them on a gift or project. I just love them. That is why I am hosting a tag swap on SCS, well that and who cant use tags for the holidays? I get tired of the same old sticker tags and I won't pay the price for the beautiful big ones- but I can make some! If you are interested in joining let me know and I can direct you to the right spot!
Well I must get going- have a great day and I will try to get back later/tomorrow to post a couple more projects. Plus........... I will have a product review for you in the next week!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Snails and Scallops!!!

Good Tuesday ladies! I finally used my scallop punch on a card and I think it is oh so cute! I pierced the little scallops to make it pop a little bit. This is the garden whimsy set and refuge and strength. I used pomegranite for the background, then layered mellow moss, sky and white strips. The snail is stamped in mellow moss. Then I used the slit punch to make a little hole to bring the stitched ribbon through. After I looked at it for a bit I think that I could have added some stitching along the mellow moss side to give it a bit more detail. But I do like it quite abit anyways- think that I will use it for a class too!
I am sorry that I don't have more to show you all but once again, it has been hectic this week. I have a workshop tomorrow (see you then Amy, Denise and Sue!) and then Saturday I am going to a SU seminar locally put on. I can't wait- Joy always has wonderful projects and then I will go shopping with Kim and Jen my upline and downlines! WhoHoo- raise your hand if you like to shop! I think that I may get one of those Zutter binding systems......... hm, do I suspect that you will all see a product review coming soon????
So see ya all later!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I can't believe it is going on a week since I posted, and here I thought I was keeping up fairly well. I guess it doesn't matter when you are not doing any stamping if you post or not....... I mean, do you all want to hear about my weekend? Okay, well I did go shopping and bought some fun cuttlebug dies, and some cute stuff to get ready for my stamp camp (can't say what in case someone is reading!), and then the dreaded "school shopping" but it went well and we all made it home alive. But enough of that stuff- on to the real reason that you came.
This is a cute little set that is new this year called double line doodles. This card is like the one we did at regionals and I thought it was cute. I did use my So Many Sayings hostess set as well. I am in the process of cutting those 3 big stamps into separate stamps and adhering them to dominos. I think it will be an ongoing task! Anywho- I used guava, river, and wasabi green papers on this, along with the wasabi stitched ribbon. I need to get this stiched ribbon in all the colors as it is so nice to work with. The card front is about 1in shorter than the back (that is why it sits kinda funny too!) so the paisley shows from the back. I dont have a message on the inside but I liked the "you make me happy"
So- sorry this is it for today- I will try to post later this week.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Christmas in September

This is a fun tent card with a topper on it, took it from the ideas from SCS this week. The background paper is my own making- I used Seeing Spots and In the spotlight with real red, garden green and green galore, same ink colors and cardstock. The tree is from perfect presentation and the be merry from warm words. The card is actually 4 1/4in wide and 4 inches tall, the topper makes it 5 inches so it will fit in a standard envelope! I thought these would be cute holiday cards and a little different.

My next creation I saw on SCS (can't recall whose card it was though). I used different sets with it but overall the same idea. I used my sizzix to emboss the snowflakes on white, I used garden green paper and then the same background from the first project. I had to use a couple of my circle punches and wha-la! I like how it came out and I guess it is time to start thinking about making holiday cards. I find that I don't make them in bulk so I might have a couple that are the same but typically I sent out all different ones and that is because I just keep trying different styles.

So- have you all started on your holiday cards yet?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bazaar Bound..........

Well the golf outing is over and so now I can focus on other things in life. One, being my upcoming vacation that I will be taking with my hubby.... just the two of us. We will be going to Puerto Vallarta, did I mention the kids would NOT be going? Well you know, I like any mother loves her kids but boy am I ready for this trip. Probably more related to life in general but it will be good time for the two of us to do nothing but sit, relax, read, relax........... well shall I digress any longer since I am sure you really do not want to hear about that trip (but don't worry, when it comes/goes- I will post some photos for you!)
Anyways- these little trinkets are some things that Jennifer and I got on The one is a little calendar and notepad. I am always looking for a piece of paper when Jim asks if I have some in my purse (usually have to use an old receipt or something) and I gave up on the bulky calendars. But this little thing is thin and it is only 3x4 inches. I also have one that is a little album, has slots for about 8 photos, perfect for grandmas! Then of course, the little 2x2 sticky note block. Is that the cutest little thing? Great for holiday tokens/gifts for co-workers or friends.
Sorry I don't have more to show you but this week left little time to stamp and this weekend I spent working on what else......... more tags so I won't bore you any more with those. I will work on something and post later this week.
Tata! Heidi

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Serene Sunflowers, I think this set is just so warm and fun to use. It is a 2 step stamp set so I always like those. I used mustard as my base, old olive and chocolate to layer and very vanilla as my base for the stamping. I then used the linen background on the mustard but still shaded around the edges with chocolate ink. The little tab is the word window and then a couple brads and I thought it turned out quite nice.

Some of you ladies indicated you liked the tags and wanted to make tags of your own. But, the ideas just weren't coming fast enough for you and you wanted more ideas- so this evening I sat down and started making some more tags. I love them for one, and then I am going to use them for a tag swap that I am in with some girls and then lastly I thought I could sell them at the bazaar later this year. So, here are a few thoughts or ideas. I used perfect presentation from the hostess set but we will also be coming out with another new tag set in the holiday mini (check it out at I think that I will also get this set b/c it has some SWEETNESS to it. I went with old olive and ruby red on the tags on the left, punched the circle and make it pop with a dot. Then, the blue ones I wanted to go non-traditional and they are brilliant blue and bashful blue, added a little glitter and you have a bit different looking tag. Now tell me, wouldn't you like to get a gift with these cute tags on them?
So, don't forget the tag and get working on them for the holidays girls! Have an awesome Labor Day- I am taking the boys to Cedar Point!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Smokin' !!!!

That is what I was doing this weekend, I was so in the mood for crafting. So, here is my project for Sunday evening while the guys were doing "Fantasy Football"

I have had this Sara binder for probably 2 years (don't you think Angie?) And I have all the fun address section, envelopes, pockets, and there they have sat. Well I pulled that sucker out and thought I would use some SU paper on it. That stuff is so nice to work with, especially the thicker double sided paper. Just gotta love it like velvet! So, this is what I came up with, I stuck to a neutral color, oh I know not everyone loves PINK like me. I really wanted to make it PINK though, you know that! But I didn't, and here are some pic of the inside.

Now I just need to decide what I will do with it. I am wondering if I might try and sell it at the craft show but now sure how to price it and/or if anyone would want to purchase something like this. Oh but who knows it might be something that someone will purchase for themselves, but I think that you have to really like it to purchase it.
Jen, thanks for the comments- let me know if you need any thoughts or want to mull some ideas around for the holiday stuff. I will post some other little trinkets I am working on for the craft show later.
Have a good evening and hope to see more of you back here!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


just to justify I might add!

So, off to Archivers I went this morning, just to check it out. I knew I needed nothing and I had no intentions (why do we do this?) of purchasing unless it was something I could not live without. So, I got there and I found this great chipboard organizer that you embellish- I felt that I did really need it and it was something I could keep or give as a gift (like as if I would....). So, I made a committment to myself that if I purchased it I would come home and embellish some of the other things that I have bought in the last year. And here it is! This is one of the be. products and will say, I think it came out AWESOME! Oh I know, I am being so modest but what can I say. I can't wait for Jim to get home to show him (they all went golfing), he saw it 2hrs ago and it was plain white. So, here is the little identification tag- I might put my name on it (instead of coach or something).

So then, I thought, I know I have more to alter so I went through my goodies and I found this little matchbox that my friend Donna got me as part of my birthday present and look what I did with this one....... cute AND what a great gift idea for those that like to make your gifts for other people. I might have to consider doing some of these for the bazaar that I am going to do this November. Plus, I could do this for gifts for friends and family- I mean who can not use holiday gift tags- right?

So that was what I spent my afternoon working on, altering projects to justify purchasing another items. So, here is a question to you all (if anyone will answer) What kind of holiday gift items are you going to making or are you working on right now. You do know that this blog is interactive don't you? :)
Well you ladies have a great weekend - have a birthday party tomorrow for MIL! Talk to you later!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did I say SWAP?

Okay, yes, I signed up on SCS to swap. Thought I might get involved and dabble again-I used to swap scrapbooking and I would get so involved I would not get my own stuff done. So, I figured I would start small. So, I joined 2 swaps: one is a punch card front swap and the other is a Bella notebook swap. Enough to join 2? Well no, you who know me know I couldn't just stop so I also am now hosting a swap which will be different as SCS is so huge and you typically have to establish yourself to be able to host/swap. So, I am hoping it will get going. It is a Christmas tag swap- so if you are over on SCS and you want to get some tags for the holidays please feel free to join me. And just to tempt you, I thought I would show you some I had and some I am working on for this: I am going to do some that are shaped and others that are more traditional (maybe not in color but shape!)

So, then since I am also in a mini notebook swap, I started on those this week as I figured they would be easy and fun and I was sooooooooooo right! I worked until after midnight one night on these. I am thrilled with the way they came out. I am making 3 Bella ones and then I am making a Halloween one for the hostess. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, that is all for tonight, it is getting late and I am trying to get to bed at a more suitable time for rising with the boys once they are back in school. I can just see it the first week- okay, now you boys get yourselves up, dressed, eat breakfast and pack your lunch- I will see you when you get home! Probably would not be the "mother of the year" best practices, you think? Oh well, I can't proclaim that prize anyways- they had soup for dinner tonight! I shall not carry on anymore- tata!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Birthdays, RAKs and Swaps!

So my MIL's birthday is this coming weekend and I decided I better make the card BEFORE Saturday night so I wouldnt feel rushed. And this is what I came up with. I used rose and celery cardstock, pretty in pink, celery and rose ink. MOM I did in rose and then I used a versamark pen and heat embossed them so they are embossed and shiny, sprinkled with a little glitter. I like the way the card came out and I think that she will enjoy it as well.

Then I have to show you this card, I got it from Jessica'smom on SCS and she made it at a stamp a stack (I can't recall whose b/c my kids stole my paper that had her name on it). I love the pink and orange, probably because they are not colors I would typically use together but this is just a beauty! Don't you think? When I asked if I could post it here (with credits) she was happily agreeable so I thought, I should do this more often. So- if you send me a card that you made (include credits) I will post them over the next two week on here! Now, that might not mean you are published but we can show off some of your work!

I am working on some fun Christmas tags that I will show you next time ! In the meantime, take care!