Monday, April 30, 2007

Springtime fun!

Did we have another wonderful weekend or what? I find it so hard to stay inside and do projects when the weather is so beautiful so........ I try to sneak in some evening, after dark time to work on things. It is like I have to have my "fix" for the day or the evening shall I say.

So, this weekend I decided I would attempt another clipboard since I was thinking of doing a stamp camp and having an altered clipboard as one of my projects. So, this is a clipboard already in use- I use it at my desk for work. It was a plain brown one and I used some papers I had and of course, what other stamp set than office accoutrement. I am telling ya- I love this set still! I used egglplant as my coordinating paper, ink and grosgrain along with celery. I still want to do something to the clip part but not sure yet- maybe some more ribbons tied to it and a bit of goo gone! :) This will definately brighten up desk.

Then I thought to myself, lets do a little challenge and make a sympathy card. I wanted something pretty and tasteful. I actually find sympathy cards to be the hardest ones to make. I suppose it is because I always think a sympathy card should be sad- but really if you think about it- it should be peaceful and beautiful to make the recipient think of nice things. So I thought about it and this is what I came up with. I used my Close as a memory which I love and bought specifically to make these kinds of cards, eggplant (see a trend this weekend?), banana and celery. I used my linen background on the vanilla paper and then stamped the image over this. I also hung the saying with some ribbon with a knot in the end. I versamarked fun shapes to give the eggplant some image. Overall, I think it came out nice! I hope you enjoy it as well.
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Curious? Unveiling upcoming SU Products..........

Well I have spent some time over in the SCS demonstrator gallery to find out what is coming to Stampin Up with out new catalog and it is sounding and "looking" so cool. I will try and upload a picture of the new "In Colors" but if it doesn't work I will tell you a little bit about them. First we have Basic Grey and I think that I am going to like it, it has a charcoal look to it and is very rich. Purely Pomegranate- oh yummy, this is a deep reddish color- almost like the red in the maple leaves is how I picture it. Wild Wasabi- this is a different green, not real splashy but nice. Groovy Guave- another yummy one if you ask me, almost melon like (you gotta love this one!). Then there is Blue Bayou which is a bluish green but it almost reminded me of a couple others we've had and then Soft sky and this actually does remind me of Carribean blue so I most definately like this one. Lastly River Rock- this is a yellowish brown and I am thinking that I will enjoy this one! Okay, I was not able to get the photo to link here so if you want a view of the new colors you will have to email me and I will sent it to you. My mouth is just a watering!

Oh- and then there are new jeweled brads, they come in 2 colors of fire and ice, circles and squares. This is going to be a nice addition of "bling" to our scrapping and stamping projects! Yippy!!!!! Okay, then MORE chipboard, I mean come on, can anyone have too much chipboard? The shapes remind me of the Polke Dots & Petals set- lots of flower inside/out and big petals! You chipboarders are going to LOVE this. Then there is a new punch box, I have not seen a picture of it but it sounds cool. It is a big punch like we have but it has 3 flowers in a row and then the stamps are word stampst hat fit into the punch outs. I have not formed an opinion on this one yet- since I have not seen it. But I will fill you in as I find out more.

I know you ladies are starting to think about that new catalog...... I know I am, and this just makes it that much harder. Think about it, we got to see a couple of the new hostess sets as incentives for new demos and I LOVE them too! What is a girl to do? Stay tuned and I will give you more goodies and gossip as I hear it.

Tata for today!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring has sprung!

Okay, so I got no stamping done this weekend! I am not too upset as the weather was the most awesome weather in forever for us here. I spent a great deal of my weekend in the yard (no, not enjoying !) clearing out old leaves, debris and waking up those plants for a good fresh breathe of air. It is always so nice to rake those leaves off and see that new growth, knowing in a few weeks (barring another snow storm) I will have a nice little plant sprouting tall. At which point I will have to be chasing off all those bunnies and deer that also find delight in those little green leaves. :)

We also did some other outdoor stuff like roller blading.......... yep, got a couple little rub burns but at least I did not take any spills! This was day #1 of our get healthier regime and I did really enjoy it. Although, think about this........., we ended up at the ice creamery! LOL! I just had a jr cone and it was quite refreshing. We, as a family, are going to try and do more of this stuff since we all enjoy it and know it is good for us. Plus, I need to look good in that swimsuit again!

Well with all that, no, I do not have anything to post picture wise. But I did want to stop in and share my weekend with you. I will try and get some stuff done this week and post for you avid readers (smile) and browsers. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderfully beautiful week!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shame on Me!

I am sorry that I have not been around in a few days........ just so much to do in such little time! But the kids are back to school (sigh of relief) to their disgruntled whims of begging for one more day of "rest"- who are they kidding? Do your kids rest on their breaks? Mine do not, it is constant go go go........... staying up late, sleeping in (I guess this constitutes rest to them).

I did it though, I signed up for some classes at the MegaMeet in May. May 12th to be exactly, you should check out the site and if you want to go then let me know. It is at the Rock Financial Place, lots of shopping, new techniques, make n takes and did I mention shopping? I love these things and I think the most favorite part is 1. all the new stuff that I get to see and 2. the $1 scrapbooking store. Come on, who can ask for more than that? Items that I buy during the year for $3-4 and now I can get them for $1! Oh, how much fun. Can't wait.

Okay, this is a card that we did at my stamping group a couple weeks ago but it is a set that I just adore and it is so sweet and simple. It is Fairytale wedding and I used my cuttlebug to emboss the white with the heart embossing plate. It is a standard size card in pretty in pink with gable green on the tab which just happens to be the word window trimmed down and brad added to it. The set also contains a cake and ring but we all decided that this set is very versatile and could be used for baptism, confirmation, and to be honest, the cake could be wedding/anniversary. So, as I said a fun little set.

This last weekend I started making (mass production as far as production goes) the altered composition books so I can be prepared for any upcoming "shows" or sales that I participate in. I also, believe it or not, worked on some gum/chapstick holders for holiday gifts. I know, it is early but I have to be prepared you know! Plus you should all be thinking about those holiday cards and not waiting until the last minute to make them. But I am guessing that you are waiting for the new SU catalog to come out. I know I am along with the retired list that will come out on May 1st.

So- I will leave you all with good wishes on your tax returns, mine went out in the mail today (once again- shame on me!).

Tata for now!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Office Accoutrement

Happy Thursday to you all. I know I have not been around for a couple days to post but I have thought about it- just didn't get the time. Trying to spend some time with the family - kids are on spring break right now. Next week- off they go to school.

I just love this set and I was trying to figure out why I would need to get it and just couldn't justify having it but............ I was overcome with the urge to splurge so I got it. And I am so glad that I did, not only can I alter items but it is great for cards too! Here I took a composition book and altered it and I am thinking of making a few of these and giving them to some friends (hm, I wonder who might get these!). The paper is K&Co and SU tempting turquoise and Celery (one of my all time favs!). I also used some hodgepodge and the round tab and spiral punch.

For the card, which is standard size, I used the same set but also Polka Dots and Petals (remember how much I love this set?) Oh- and I did send it on to Jen so she can enjoy it as much as I did! Anywho- I cut the flower out to make it stand out a bit. I was thrilled with the way this card turned out.

As I have told many of you I had some marathon crafting last week and these are some of the projects that I worked on. I have a few more things in mind but I have to clean up my area and spend some time with the family. But hope to work on some new projects this weekend and will post them when I can. Please feel free to leave comments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Tins!

I found this cute little tin at Micheal's dollar spot and I had to do something creative with it. I know that I have heard about them on SCS but couldn't find any of them. Low and behold, a couple weeks ago- there they were! I was so excited and scooped up 2 of each color. Aren't they the cutest little things? So, of course, I couldn't just let them be- I had to alter them. Just a little paper, some flowers and a little creativity (to cut around that label holder of course!) and wha-la! Isn't it just the cutest?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Tin Lunch Box

Okay, so I bought this box about a year ago with good intentions that just never came about. As you all have probably seen these have been the rage for some time and always looked so fun to decorate (as long as you could figure out the top and handle) with so many options for use. So, I figured I had some time this weekend that I would go ahead and tackle this project. Well, it was a lot of fun and so simple to do, the handle did take a little strategy but it was well worth the effort. Inside the tin you could put dividers and use our new round tab punch to label them for cards, recipes, birthdays, oh the possibilities! I have not decided yet what I will do. I used studio K papers (just couldn't resist the colors and patterns ladies!) and then I went so far as to use a monogram so I wouldn't give it away ! LOL! Hope you like it.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Projects Galore

One of my customers (thanks Jen!) purchased Polka Dots and Petals and let me use it (for the small price of mounting it!) and I fell in LOVE with this set. I know it is because of the circles and dots but I didn't think that I would love it so much. I have been stamping OSW each evening and trying out all sorts of color combinations with this set. I hope that Jen will actually receive (evil grin) this set!

So- I thought my first project posting would be of some cards that I used this set on. I tried to do a variety of different shaped projects rather than the typical card. The first card is alittle window card using the circle punches. Very simple but makes such a nice statement. I also used Happy Everything so that you can put any sort of message on this inside. This was also the theme for one of my craft night projects with some friends and we liked it because you can use it for anything at a later date. I used Regal Rose, Celery and Blush Blossom inks and then the card is actually Cameo Coral and this was actually by mistake but I love it!

The next card I did I made it 4x4 inches and used some of my clear envelopes for this one. I used the earth tones, Mustard, Rust and then Chocolate and mounted it on a chocolate card. Sometimes I just like to get a little note instead of the regular size- makes it a bit more mystery I think.

And that is it for the first day of photo posting. I hope that you all enjoy these. I wish you all a Blessed Easter!!! Ta Ta for now!


Thursday, April 5, 2007

The blogging thing"

I have really enjoyed reading other blogs and now all these ladies are doing blog candy and prizes. I get up in the morning and go and look at the blogs and especially focus on the newest project they have done. Oh my gosh............. you just can not believe them, if you don't blog read (well you must some if you are reading mine) you have to try them out. I will have to get some of my favorites listed here although it seems the favorites of mine are the favorites of all the creative women.

I have yet to post any pictures, shame on me............ I know but once I have some viewers ask for them then I will know it is time. Don't you all flock in at once either! (smile). I just have not had time but I will work on it and try to get some things in here so that I then can post that my blog has photos! Yikes.......... what will I do then, they will expect things of me, want more (or not! LOL!)

Oh, the tipper for the day- it is snowing! What the heck, this is crazy but I guess I have to expect this in Michigan right? Well I must go- have a "craft night" and look forward to seeing my buddies (you know who you are!).

Monday, April 2, 2007

The weekend is over?

Man, did that weekend blow by or what? I had nothing planned at all and still it flew by. I did get a lot of stuff done- planned my craft night and prepared all my stuff for my friends! You all know who you are! See you Thursday night.

Don't you feel like your time is flying by though- especially when you do have stuff planned and have no extra time to do anything? I keep telling my kids not to wish their youth away (oh yeah= like I would ever have listened to my mother tell me that!) and to savor their time because it will go much faster as they get older. I actually get excited with butterflies in my tummy when we have no plans. It just feels good to know I have no one expecting anything from me, well short of the laundry and meals for the family/cats. I can do what I want and when I want to do it and that includes NAPS too! Oh, I had one this weekend and it felt so good- go ahead, try one! You will not regret it.

Sooner or later ladies I am going to have to add some crafting along with this happy site don't you think? I will have to load some photos later and get them added if I can figure that part out. Yikes............ that will cause some gray hair and loss of years for sure!

Take care and talk to you later!