Thursday, April 5, 2007

The blogging thing"

I have really enjoyed reading other blogs and now all these ladies are doing blog candy and prizes. I get up in the morning and go and look at the blogs and especially focus on the newest project they have done. Oh my gosh............. you just can not believe them, if you don't blog read (well you must some if you are reading mine) you have to try them out. I will have to get some of my favorites listed here although it seems the favorites of mine are the favorites of all the creative women.

I have yet to post any pictures, shame on me............ I know but once I have some viewers ask for them then I will know it is time. Don't you all flock in at once either! (smile). I just have not had time but I will work on it and try to get some things in here so that I then can post that my blog has photos! Yikes.......... what will I do then, they will expect things of me, want more (or not! LOL!)

Oh, the tipper for the day- it is snowing! What the heck, this is crazy but I guess I have to expect this in Michigan right? Well I must go- have a "craft night" and look forward to seeing my buddies (you know who you are!).

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