Monday, May 28, 2007

H is for...............

Happy Memorial Day Weekend......... I can't believe it is already ending. I was just telling Jim tonight that I want one more day! We were really bad and didn't do a whole lot. We caught up on much needed rest from working some long crazy days, ran a few errands and took the boys bowling. Overall it was a great weekend!

But I also got to work on a few projects which I was pretty excited about. I designed and made one of the projects for my stamp camp in June. And I will say........ I LOVE it. I can't wait to demo it for the ladies. I am so into altering things right now and so that is why I did this letter H. I bought this huge thing months ago and Jim painted it pink (of course, what other color?) for me and it has sat there waiting for inspirations. Well it came to me this weekend and this is it. I am really happy with how it turned out too! I will have to get it hung on the wall here in my area. It is quite simple........ I am thinking I don't want to add anything else, what do you all think? Should I put some metal or something else on it?

Monday, May 21, 2007

I just couldn't resist taking and putting this picture up for you to see. These little flowers, what I believe to be some sort of phlox (let me know if you know what it is), just showed up this spring in one of my beds. I saw the fern like greens and was going to pull them out but they were so soft that I thought they had to be something. Now I am not a green thumb but just didn't have the heart to rip them out and soooo... About a week ago- this is what I saw when I went out and looked at them. Aren't they just beautiful? So, I was thinking I should use this photo to make a card............ hm, maybe I will be posting that next. Last year, the first snow fall we had I was out taking pictures of the evergreen trees with snow on the branches- I am sure my neighbors thought I was crazy because I was really close to the branches and took about 20 photos! But then I came in, printed the photos, matted them and put them on the front of my Christmas cards and I loved them! Happy spring!
Oh I know you are saying, "Where are the projects?" Well I can't post anything right now- the two items I have been working on are potential stamp camp projects and I don't want to ruin it for any of the participants quite yet. But I am contemplating putting them up so that all the ladies can see what they will get to do if they come! What do you all think? Should I show and tell or no? (giggling)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Color should I use???????

You know, when you sit down to make that perfectly imaged card in your head and then you just sit, sit, sit and are totally bemuffled about what colors to use? Well I have this issue all the time and I reach over and pull out my color wheel, which by the way has saved my butt many times. Or I go to my file folder of papers and start pulling them ALL out to see which ones I want to try together. It seems like more often than not I use the same ones over and over for this reason. Well, have I got news for you all today! I stumbled upon this website! You have to check it out. You pick one color you want to start with and it will give you like 4 other coordinating colors to put with it. And they are colors I would not typically use, and some you might not like, but I think that I am going to give some of them a try. So- my challend to all of you is to make a card using 3 colors that you would not typically use together. You can pick em from your head or you can use this color selector! Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Isn't she a beauty?

I went ahead today and bought the Crop A Dile- I told you all I would do it. Now, I have not used it as I didn't get home from shopping until 9:30p and I wanted to post here so I will delay my enthusiasm until tomorrow. But look at it- I just love the pink handles (of course!). I guess the only worry I have is that it is a bit scary looking to me which means that it will be a bit intriguing to my husband and boys. I can just see it, "No, take that out of your brother's mouth, it is not to pull teeth with !" Of course the real reason I would want it out of his mouth is that he is getting his slimy saliva all over my tool! But I guess I will deal with teeth pulling when it happens. Usually my tools and toys are off limit and the boys do well with that, I mean who wants to have someone see them and then say, "Oh, you play with your mother's stamping stuff." So, it is not too much of a problem at my house. Anywho- I will do a little bit of work with it later this week or this weekend and post something.
My question to those of you checking in- what type of things do you use your crop a dile for?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mega Meet FUN!!!!

Oh my gosh- I loved going to the Mega Meet last year but this year topped that. I took two classes with a friend of mine (thanks for going with me Denise!) The first one was a 3D canvas project and I was not sure about this being a scrapper and stamper and it was a step outside of what I typically do. But we had a great instructor and the project (as you can see) is a beautiful piece of art, memory and what a wonderful gift to give- and we did this entire project in 1 hour! We used poweder puffs inks. The class was sponsored by Quick Quotes and if you ever get a chance to take one of these 3D classes you MUST! Here is the project that we did. The website is

The next class I took was put on by A2Z Essentials and I feel like they deserve to be advertised here as well as the class was fun, the instructor was part owner and it is a local company (well almost as it is in OH). We made this cute little clipboard. It was not a lot of work- didn't take a whole lot of technique but it was fun. Plus I got to use a crop a dile, which I vowed I would not buy as I don't need another tool- but I will be buying one this week! :) Here it is! I think it turned out sweet- the LO was about 10x10 inches, and I learned to use a little bling on this- but it was simple jewels from the local craft store instead of the high cost "blings". We used the crop a dile to make the holes to put the ribbon through and that was amazing using- it cut through it like paper!

It is gettin late- have to watch Survivor so I will post some more stuff tomorrow. I bought enough "stuff" so I should be doing some projects over the next couple weeks to show you.

Oh- and you may notice that over to the left you can now subscribe to this site and it will let you know when I post an update. And leave a comment about the projects, let me k now if you like what I am posting or if you'd like something specific!

Cya! Heidi

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just another day........

Well I will tell you now that I do not have anything to show you all, just have not had the time to do anything lately. But thought I would pop in and give a little jingle and hope I get some fun stuff done this weekend. Oh, and speaking of the weekend I am going to the Mega Meet on Saturday, I have a couple classes and my friend, Denise and I will be doing some shopping! Oh am I excited or what?

I decided that I have to get myself into shape so I signed up for Curves........ this should be interesting. Figured, maybe if I pay to work out I will actually do it. I know some of you know what I am saying. We have the equipment here at the house and I do alright for a short time and then POOF- I have no interest. I start hanging things on the equipment in hopes that I won't even see it sitting there in the room. Come on, you know what I am saying. Well, except Jen who goes to the gym all the time! Anywhoo- it seems like it should be quick and not too painful. I will go early, before anyone can see me and hopefully tone up. You know (wink) get back into the tiny bikini (NOT!). Wish me luck.

Well, going to sit outside on the deck with hubby for a bit...... and I promise to post you something over the weekend- even if it is my project from the Mega Meet!

Tata- heidi

Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is a set that is becoming one of my favorites and I am so hoping it will be in the new catalog because it is so cute and versatile. Now, they may wait until the new catalog in January but I will be happy then. Oh, in case you did not know- it is a set in the spring mini- Polka Dots & Paisley.

This is a standard sized card, base is chocolate, then a layer of white and then chocolate/pink color blocking. I love it! This is a card that I am considering entering in a contest- will have to think about it. Don't you just love the paisley sets now?

My son was chewing gum and the little box it came in was oh so usable. So, I took it and made a pattern of it. Then of course I had to go ahead and make one of them- not sure what I would do with it but it is stinkin cute! It is a bit too small for a gift card but you could stick a pack of gum or something in it. Oh well, it is small, it is cute....... whatcha gonna do?

I hope you all have a great week! It is suppose to be a beautiful one- to get into the high 70's here in MI so I am so looking forward to it. Plus I am getting together with friends on Tuesday (yes, Jen and Kim) and we are going to make some fun projects.
Tata for now!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Mother's Day......... shhhh.......... don't tell!

Tonight I set out to design and complete my Mother's Day card. Well, I had a few ideas already in my head, the ribbon and colors were all set so I just needed to put it all together. I bought these 8 1/2 x11 inch envelopes in this awesome watermelon color at Marco Papers (love that place!) and that was the inspiration for the card- is that pathetic? I am telling you- the envelopes are so cool though. I used celery for the base of the card, a nice inspirational saying printed on white cardstock and embellished with primas. I had some cute Micheal's ribbon that had little flowers on it similar to the simple flower in Simply Said, in celery, turquoise and rust colors- it all fell together and I love the way it turned out. The picture is cute but it is definately better in real life and I hope when that huge envelope arrives my mother will enjoy it.
And now I have told my boys that I expect the same from them (wink!). Now ladies, go and make those Mother's Day cards for that special mother of yours!

ps: I would so appreciate some comments or suggestions on what you would like to see on here. Lets me know someone is stopping in. (smile!)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Still recovering............. so sad.

I don't know about you ladies but I am still amazed at 1. how many of our stamps retired this year and 2. some of them that actually retired! Some of those sets are brand new this year- and I just got them. Now, I only lost 26 sets but that is a lot for someone like me that doesn't own the entire catty! But with this sadness, for the loss of French Script, Sparling Summer, Holiday Print and Fairytale Wedding, I am really kind of excited about what will be coming! I mean, it has to be really good- we lost most of the current catty so the new one has to be chuck full, right? I will remind you all that we are going to a 2 catty year- which means there will not be as many sets in the new catty as we've had in the past and that we'll get even more new ones come January. We will see basically fall/holiday related sets in the new catty I am guessing and then in January we'll see the spring/summer sets (my guess). Either way- come July 1st we are all going to have our noses in a new catalog and drooling........ come on, you know you will be! Just lap it up and turn the pages girls!!!!!! I can send out drool cloth with each catty. (smirk).

Okay- on to what I have been doing: I thought I would post my clips- I just love these little buggers and so much fun to make. You can get the huge clips at Target or Walmart and then just use a big image to embellish it. This one I used the flower from office accoutrement (and I promise no more from there- ok?) smiling.... I have also made them with smaller images and attached to the mid size clips. These are nice size still but I just love this one as it makes a statement. And what a great gift for co-workers and friends that you know use these a great deal. Plus, who can resist a fun project- I know I can not!
I have to go and tend to family things (gettin the kids ready for school) so have a blessed day!