Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is a set that is becoming one of my favorites and I am so hoping it will be in the new catalog because it is so cute and versatile. Now, they may wait until the new catalog in January but I will be happy then. Oh, in case you did not know- it is a set in the spring mini- Polka Dots & Paisley.

This is a standard sized card, base is chocolate, then a layer of white and then chocolate/pink color blocking. I love it! This is a card that I am considering entering in a contest- will have to think about it. Don't you just love the paisley sets now?

My son was chewing gum and the little box it came in was oh so usable. So, I took it and made a pattern of it. Then of course I had to go ahead and make one of them- not sure what I would do with it but it is stinkin cute! It is a bit too small for a gift card but you could stick a pack of gum or something in it. Oh well, it is small, it is cute....... whatcha gonna do?

I hope you all have a great week! It is suppose to be a beautiful one- to get into the high 70's here in MI so I am so looking forward to it. Plus I am getting together with friends on Tuesday (yes, Jen and Kim) and we are going to make some fun projects.
Tata for now!


23jellybean said...
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23jellybean said...

I love the card - definetly submit that one. Love the colors and well the set too, but you know that.

23jellybean said...

You know what I want - more reviews of stuff. You've done it with stamps - but what about laundry detergent, movies - did you see Spider Man did you like it? How about perfume, trash bags? If you use something and you like it or you don't let us know.