Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just another day........

Well I will tell you now that I do not have anything to show you all, just have not had the time to do anything lately. But thought I would pop in and give a little jingle and hope I get some fun stuff done this weekend. Oh, and speaking of the weekend I am going to the Mega Meet on Saturday, I have a couple classes and my friend, Denise and I will be doing some shopping! Oh am I excited or what?

I decided that I have to get myself into shape so I signed up for Curves........ this should be interesting. Figured, maybe if I pay to work out I will actually do it. I know some of you know what I am saying. We have the equipment here at the house and I do alright for a short time and then POOF- I have no interest. I start hanging things on the equipment in hopes that I won't even see it sitting there in the room. Come on, you know what I am saying. Well, except Jen who goes to the gym all the time! Anywhoo- it seems like it should be quick and not too painful. I will go early, before anyone can see me and hopefully tone up. You know (wink) get back into the tiny bikini (NOT!). Wish me luck.

Well, going to sit outside on the deck with hubby for a bit...... and I promise to post you something over the weekend- even if it is my project from the Mega Meet!

Tata- heidi

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