Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mega Meet FUN!!!!

Oh my gosh- I loved going to the Mega Meet last year but this year topped that. I took two classes with a friend of mine (thanks for going with me Denise!) The first one was a 3D canvas project and I was not sure about this being a scrapper and stamper and it was a step outside of what I typically do. But we had a great instructor and the project (as you can see) is a beautiful piece of art, memory and what a wonderful gift to give- and we did this entire project in 1 hour! We used poweder puffs inks. The class was sponsored by Quick Quotes and if you ever get a chance to take one of these 3D classes you MUST! Here is the project that we did. The website is

The next class I took was put on by A2Z Essentials and I feel like they deserve to be advertised here as well as the class was fun, the instructor was part owner and it is a local company (well almost as it is in OH). We made this cute little clipboard. It was not a lot of work- didn't take a whole lot of technique but it was fun. Plus I got to use a crop a dile, which I vowed I would not buy as I don't need another tool- but I will be buying one this week! :) Here it is! I think it turned out sweet- the LO was about 10x10 inches, and I learned to use a little bling on this- but it was simple jewels from the local craft store instead of the high cost "blings". We used the crop a dile to make the holes to put the ribbon through and that was amazing using- it cut through it like paper!

It is gettin late- have to watch Survivor so I will post some more stuff tomorrow. I bought enough "stuff" so I should be doing some projects over the next couple weeks to show you.

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Cya! Heidi


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

What gorgeous stuff! Thank you for posting a link for me to see it! Great work!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE these projects! The 3-d is incredible on the pages!