Monday, August 27, 2007

Smokin' !!!!

That is what I was doing this weekend, I was so in the mood for crafting. So, here is my project for Sunday evening while the guys were doing "Fantasy Football"

I have had this Sara binder for probably 2 years (don't you think Angie?) And I have all the fun address section, envelopes, pockets, and there they have sat. Well I pulled that sucker out and thought I would use some SU paper on it. That stuff is so nice to work with, especially the thicker double sided paper. Just gotta love it like velvet! So, this is what I came up with, I stuck to a neutral color, oh I know not everyone loves PINK like me. I really wanted to make it PINK though, you know that! But I didn't, and here are some pic of the inside.

Now I just need to decide what I will do with it. I am wondering if I might try and sell it at the craft show but now sure how to price it and/or if anyone would want to purchase something like this. Oh but who knows it might be something that someone will purchase for themselves, but I think that you have to really like it to purchase it.
Jen, thanks for the comments- let me know if you need any thoughts or want to mull some ideas around for the holiday stuff. I will post some other little trinkets I am working on for the craft show later.
Have a good evening and hope to see more of you back here!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


just to justify I might add!

So, off to Archivers I went this morning, just to check it out. I knew I needed nothing and I had no intentions (why do we do this?) of purchasing unless it was something I could not live without. So, I got there and I found this great chipboard organizer that you embellish- I felt that I did really need it and it was something I could keep or give as a gift (like as if I would....). So, I made a committment to myself that if I purchased it I would come home and embellish some of the other things that I have bought in the last year. And here it is! This is one of the be. products and will say, I think it came out AWESOME! Oh I know, I am being so modest but what can I say. I can't wait for Jim to get home to show him (they all went golfing), he saw it 2hrs ago and it was plain white. So, here is the little identification tag- I might put my name on it (instead of coach or something).

So then, I thought, I know I have more to alter so I went through my goodies and I found this little matchbox that my friend Donna got me as part of my birthday present and look what I did with this one....... cute AND what a great gift idea for those that like to make your gifts for other people. I might have to consider doing some of these for the bazaar that I am going to do this November. Plus, I could do this for gifts for friends and family- I mean who can not use holiday gift tags- right?

So that was what I spent my afternoon working on, altering projects to justify purchasing another items. So, here is a question to you all (if anyone will answer) What kind of holiday gift items are you going to making or are you working on right now. You do know that this blog is interactive don't you? :)
Well you ladies have a great weekend - have a birthday party tomorrow for MIL! Talk to you later!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did I say SWAP?

Okay, yes, I signed up on SCS to swap. Thought I might get involved and dabble again-I used to swap scrapbooking and I would get so involved I would not get my own stuff done. So, I figured I would start small. So, I joined 2 swaps: one is a punch card front swap and the other is a Bella notebook swap. Enough to join 2? Well no, you who know me know I couldn't just stop so I also am now hosting a swap which will be different as SCS is so huge and you typically have to establish yourself to be able to host/swap. So, I am hoping it will get going. It is a Christmas tag swap- so if you are over on SCS and you want to get some tags for the holidays please feel free to join me. And just to tempt you, I thought I would show you some I had and some I am working on for this: I am going to do some that are shaped and others that are more traditional (maybe not in color but shape!)

So, then since I am also in a mini notebook swap, I started on those this week as I figured they would be easy and fun and I was sooooooooooo right! I worked until after midnight one night on these. I am thrilled with the way they came out. I am making 3 Bella ones and then I am making a Halloween one for the hostess. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, that is all for tonight, it is getting late and I am trying to get to bed at a more suitable time for rising with the boys once they are back in school. I can just see it the first week- okay, now you boys get yourselves up, dressed, eat breakfast and pack your lunch- I will see you when you get home! Probably would not be the "mother of the year" best practices, you think? Oh well, I can't proclaim that prize anyways- they had soup for dinner tonight! I shall not carry on anymore- tata!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Birthdays, RAKs and Swaps!

So my MIL's birthday is this coming weekend and I decided I better make the card BEFORE Saturday night so I wouldnt feel rushed. And this is what I came up with. I used rose and celery cardstock, pretty in pink, celery and rose ink. MOM I did in rose and then I used a versamark pen and heat embossed them so they are embossed and shiny, sprinkled with a little glitter. I like the way the card came out and I think that she will enjoy it as well.

Then I have to show you this card, I got it from Jessica'smom on SCS and she made it at a stamp a stack (I can't recall whose b/c my kids stole my paper that had her name on it). I love the pink and orange, probably because they are not colors I would typically use together but this is just a beauty! Don't you think? When I asked if I could post it here (with credits) she was happily agreeable so I thought, I should do this more often. So- if you send me a card that you made (include credits) I will post them over the next two week on here! Now, that might not mean you are published but we can show off some of your work!

I am working on some fun Christmas tags that I will show you next time ! In the meantime, take care!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Snowmen in August!

I got this set the other day and is it not the cutest little snowman you have ever seen? Jolliest little guy! I went a little out there and went with bashful blue and pink because I wanted it to be a little "non traditional"- can you tell? I also used the SU corner punch that I just got- it is fun to use too! This little punch gives you two sizes of corners so that you can use a variety of sizes of images and then set it the way you like. I colored these photos with blender pens and chalks since I have not used them in such a long time. I forgot how much I love them!

So- I hope you all are having a great weekend- it rained her since last night, non-stop! I think that we are getting it all over the US though.......... so stay dry!

Tata for now!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What- no comments?

I stay up until all hours of the night creating and no one has anything to say about my results? That is so sad, I must be slipping. Maybe I should go back and read it all to see if I was slurring all night or what. Man, you guys are getting tough! :) Well let me see what I have here that I have done.

This card I used chocolate chip and real rust on it. I got my In the Spotlight hostess set and this is so sweet. Of course, the scallop punch which I am unfortunately going to have to have replaced because it only punches through thin paper and not the real cardstock (boo hoo!). I really like to make these spiritual cards and now I just need to start sending them out!

This little card is made with Fun and Fast notes and it is on celery and brilliant blue cardstock. I wanted to use the scallop punch but the images are a bit too big for it. That made me sad but the set is so very versatile that it makes it worth it. I used the slit punch to tie the ribbon through and I of course always love using my punches.
Speaking of punches- I will try and use my corner frame punch this week and get some photos uploaded. We are going to be doing some camping so I will have to see what time I have. I look forward to giving it a try.
I think that is it for today-

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When one can't sleep............ just create!

I thought that I was ready for bed, I was just telling my husband today that I can not get out of bed in the mornings- it takes everything I have to do it. I love my sleep and he knows that. So, tonight we go to bed and I just lay there, thinking about alot of stuff (probably why I can't sleep of course) and designing cards in my head. So, figure I will get up and work on some stuff. So, this is one of the cards that I came up with. I know you are probably tired of this set but I honestly just love it and am so glad that I bought it. It is wild wasabi, rust and mustard. I used the glitter again too. I have been considering entering some cards for publication again and this one might be one of them. I do like it. And then there is this one:

Now this is a card that I just saw the details ( a criss cross card) of today and that is probably why it is stuck in my head. The criss cross card is 4 1/2 x 11 and then scored at 5 1/2. You then cut at an angle and use the piece you cut off for the other cross part. Then the insert is actually about 5 x 4inches. I used the same color combo of wasabi, rust and mustard since I had all the cardstock out and just used left over from the other card. Or maybe I made this one first...... well it is late so I am not sure.
Now I know you are all saying- please no more of that set! So, I promise, the next posting will not be this set. I aim to please and not bore you all with my whimsey to post the set I am drawn to! But you do have to admit it is a sweet set. Have a great day- I must try to get some sleep: it is 3:10am.
tata! heidi

Saturday, August 11, 2007


It is the pink, Bo Bunny flexible ruler and it is definately flexible. I have used it a couple times and it is great for making wavy lines. I typically use a straight line if I use DP on my cards and now I can make a wavy line and it is kind of fun and funky! It makes for a different look and yet the lines are crisp. Plus ladies......... it is PINK, my fav color of course! So, if you've seen it and thought about purchasing it- go ahead, it is fun and you will get your money worth out of it.

Oh, and here is a card that I made using the flexible ruler. It truly just let me flex it to whatever I wanted, made a line with pencil and then cut it out. You could do the line at an angle, wavy of any type....... really the possibilities are endless! This card is artichoke, then I used our DP from SU, the new scallop circle (not sure mine is going to hold up though!)
Have a good one!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Butterflies, ladybugs and Glitter OH MY!

I am just really enjoying this garden whimsy set and mix it with Baroque Motif, some little pieces and I am a happy stamper. I used guava for the card, stamped B.M. in artichoke and dabbled the little flowers in guava and blue bayou. I stamped the butterfly in guava and then I stamped again on white, cut it out, folded in the middle, sprinkled some glitter on the wings and attached it. I also put a little blue bayou on the wings to give it a little extra color. I like how this card turned out. The sentiment is from Close as a memory.

Last night I was up, couldn't sleep and this was the card I kept picturing in my mind. I was going to come down to the stamp room and make it but just couldn't believe that I could stay up that late. So tonight I stamped it and it looks just like I pictured in my head. Not sure if it needs something else, maybe a little ribbon but I used pomegranite and I don't have any ribbon in that color and I think that is the only color I could use. I used a little foam to make the ladybug pop. Just a sweet little card to tell someone thanks (sentiment is from simply said)

Hope you enjoyed these! I know I said I was going to do a product review but I just couldn't let these guys wait a few more days as I will be doing some traveling. I will do the review later this week.

Have a good one!


Friday, August 3, 2007


Is this not the cutest? This set I just got free for consistency counts- if you have a consistent amount of sales over a quarter you got to pick a set. Anyways, you do not want to hear about me getting free stamps do you? I have wanted to get this set or unfrogettable and well, I let Jake choose and he chose this one (I think he knew my heart was set on this one a little bit more!) Smart kid! I used sahara as my base and then I used artichoke for the strip across the middle. I stamped the giraffe on cream and then layered artichoke, black and cranberry crisp (retired). But if you'll notice I used different size hole punches for the spots and let different colors show through. Now, this is not my idea but I just love it. I also used the ticket corner punch for the layering corners. So, this is my first and only card with this set thus far.

As for the other wild side, I worked like a wild woman last night making 10 of these little note pad covers. I have a team meeting this week and wanted to give each of my staff a little something so they will all get one of these and then an embellished paperclip as well. I thought that the design and the overall look came out great and I hope they like them! Just flip them open and start doodling.............

So that is it for now................ next I will post a new product I got and tell you what I think of it.