Thursday, August 16, 2007

What- no comments?

I stay up until all hours of the night creating and no one has anything to say about my results? That is so sad, I must be slipping. Maybe I should go back and read it all to see if I was slurring all night or what. Man, you guys are getting tough! :) Well let me see what I have here that I have done.

This card I used chocolate chip and real rust on it. I got my In the Spotlight hostess set and this is so sweet. Of course, the scallop punch which I am unfortunately going to have to have replaced because it only punches through thin paper and not the real cardstock (boo hoo!). I really like to make these spiritual cards and now I just need to start sending them out!

This little card is made with Fun and Fast notes and it is on celery and brilliant blue cardstock. I wanted to use the scallop punch but the images are a bit too big for it. That made me sad but the set is so very versatile that it makes it worth it. I used the slit punch to tie the ribbon through and I of course always love using my punches.
Speaking of punches- I will try and use my corner frame punch this week and get some photos uploaded. We are going to be doing some camping so I will have to see what time I have. I look forward to giving it a try.
I think that is it for today-


Allison said...

These look the color palette of the first one!

UK MUM IN USA said...

You have made some fab cards and keep up the blogging so I can come by read and comment.

23jellybean said...

I've heard others have the same problem with their scallop punch. And thanks for the note that the punch and that set don't fit. Not that I won't be getting either or both, but it's helpful to keep in mind.