Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did I say SWAP?

Okay, yes, I signed up on SCS to swap. Thought I might get involved and dabble again-I used to swap scrapbooking and I would get so involved I would not get my own stuff done. So, I figured I would start small. So, I joined 2 swaps: one is a punch card front swap and the other is a Bella notebook swap. Enough to join 2? Well no, you who know me know I couldn't just stop so I also am now hosting a swap which will be different as SCS is so huge and you typically have to establish yourself to be able to host/swap. So, I am hoping it will get going. It is a Christmas tag swap- so if you are over on SCS and you want to get some tags for the holidays please feel free to join me. And just to tempt you, I thought I would show you some I had and some I am working on for this: I am going to do some that are shaped and others that are more traditional (maybe not in color but shape!)

So, then since I am also in a mini notebook swap, I started on those this week as I figured they would be easy and fun and I was sooooooooooo right! I worked until after midnight one night on these. I am thrilled with the way they came out. I am making 3 Bella ones and then I am making a Halloween one for the hostess. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, that is all for tonight, it is getting late and I am trying to get to bed at a more suitable time for rising with the boys once they are back in school. I can just see it the first week- okay, now you boys get yourselves up, dressed, eat breakfast and pack your lunch- I will see you when you get home! Probably would not be the "mother of the year" best practices, you think? Oh well, I can't proclaim that prize anyways- they had soup for dinner tonight! I shall not carry on anymore- tata!


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Melissa Craig said...

I LOVE your tags! Nice job!!!