Friday, August 3, 2007


Is this not the cutest? This set I just got free for consistency counts- if you have a consistent amount of sales over a quarter you got to pick a set. Anyways, you do not want to hear about me getting free stamps do you? I have wanted to get this set or unfrogettable and well, I let Jake choose and he chose this one (I think he knew my heart was set on this one a little bit more!) Smart kid! I used sahara as my base and then I used artichoke for the strip across the middle. I stamped the giraffe on cream and then layered artichoke, black and cranberry crisp (retired). But if you'll notice I used different size hole punches for the spots and let different colors show through. Now, this is not my idea but I just love it. I also used the ticket corner punch for the layering corners. So, this is my first and only card with this set thus far.

As for the other wild side, I worked like a wild woman last night making 10 of these little note pad covers. I have a team meeting this week and wanted to give each of my staff a little something so they will all get one of these and then an embellished paperclip as well. I thought that the design and the overall look came out great and I hope they like them! Just flip them open and start doodling.............

So that is it for now................ next I will post a new product I got and tell you what I think of it.


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23jellybean said...

These are really cute, how do you attach them to the notebook? Is it like a book, and then there is a flap you slide the notebook cover into?