Saturday, August 25, 2007


just to justify I might add!

So, off to Archivers I went this morning, just to check it out. I knew I needed nothing and I had no intentions (why do we do this?) of purchasing unless it was something I could not live without. So, I got there and I found this great chipboard organizer that you embellish- I felt that I did really need it and it was something I could keep or give as a gift (like as if I would....). So, I made a committment to myself that if I purchased it I would come home and embellish some of the other things that I have bought in the last year. And here it is! This is one of the be. products and will say, I think it came out AWESOME! Oh I know, I am being so modest but what can I say. I can't wait for Jim to get home to show him (they all went golfing), he saw it 2hrs ago and it was plain white. So, here is the little identification tag- I might put my name on it (instead of coach or something).

So then, I thought, I know I have more to alter so I went through my goodies and I found this little matchbox that my friend Donna got me as part of my birthday present and look what I did with this one....... cute AND what a great gift idea for those that like to make your gifts for other people. I might have to consider doing some of these for the bazaar that I am going to do this November. Plus, I could do this for gifts for friends and family- I mean who can not use holiday gift tags- right?

So that was what I spent my afternoon working on, altering projects to justify purchasing another items. So, here is a question to you all (if anyone will answer) What kind of holiday gift items are you going to making or are you working on right now. You do know that this blog is interactive don't you? :)
Well you ladies have a great weekend - have a birthday party tomorrow for MIL! Talk to you later!


23jellybean said...

Well actually I've started making Christmas gifts, and I'm making some coasters for my parents and DH's parents with our dog on it/their grandchild. My mom wanted an ornament with him on it so when I saw the tutorial on SCS I decided to try it and so far soooo good. Other than that, mmmm not much.

Heidi said...

Just foud your blog over on SCS. Love these tags! Great idea to use the negative space for the snowflake!