Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When one can't sleep............ just create!

I thought that I was ready for bed, I was just telling my husband today that I can not get out of bed in the mornings- it takes everything I have to do it. I love my sleep and he knows that. So, tonight we go to bed and I just lay there, thinking about alot of stuff (probably why I can't sleep of course) and designing cards in my head. So, figure I will get up and work on some stuff. So, this is one of the cards that I came up with. I know you are probably tired of this set but I honestly just love it and am so glad that I bought it. It is wild wasabi, rust and mustard. I used the glitter again too. I have been considering entering some cards for publication again and this one might be one of them. I do like it. And then there is this one:

Now this is a card that I just saw the details ( a criss cross card) of today and that is probably why it is stuck in my head. The criss cross card is 4 1/2 x 11 and then scored at 5 1/2. You then cut at an angle and use the piece you cut off for the other cross part. Then the insert is actually about 5 x 4inches. I used the same color combo of wasabi, rust and mustard since I had all the cardstock out and just used left over from the other card. Or maybe I made this one first...... well it is late so I am not sure.
Now I know you are all saying- please no more of that set! So, I promise, the next posting will not be this set. I aim to please and not bore you all with my whimsey to post the set I am drawn to! But you do have to admit it is a sweet set. Have a great day- I must try to get some sleep: it is 3:10am.
tata! heidi

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Rosella said...

I just came across your blog. I really like your cards. You are very creative. Especially love the Garden Whimsy cards.