Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Isn't she a beauty?

I went ahead today and bought the Crop A Dile- I told you all I would do it. Now, I have not used it as I didn't get home from shopping until 9:30p and I wanted to post here so I will delay my enthusiasm until tomorrow. But look at it- I just love the pink handles (of course!). I guess the only worry I have is that it is a bit scary looking to me which means that it will be a bit intriguing to my husband and boys. I can just see it, "No, take that out of your brother's mouth, it is not to pull teeth with !" Of course the real reason I would want it out of his mouth is that he is getting his slimy saliva all over my tool! But I guess I will deal with teeth pulling when it happens. Usually my tools and toys are off limit and the boys do well with that, I mean who wants to have someone see them and then say, "Oh, you play with your mother's stamping stuff." So, it is not too much of a problem at my house. Anywho- I will do a little bit of work with it later this week or this weekend and post something.
My question to those of you checking in- what type of things do you use your crop a dile for?

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