Thursday, May 3, 2007

Still recovering............. so sad.

I don't know about you ladies but I am still amazed at 1. how many of our stamps retired this year and 2. some of them that actually retired! Some of those sets are brand new this year- and I just got them. Now, I only lost 26 sets but that is a lot for someone like me that doesn't own the entire catty! But with this sadness, for the loss of French Script, Sparling Summer, Holiday Print and Fairytale Wedding, I am really kind of excited about what will be coming! I mean, it has to be really good- we lost most of the current catty so the new one has to be chuck full, right? I will remind you all that we are going to a 2 catty year- which means there will not be as many sets in the new catty as we've had in the past and that we'll get even more new ones come January. We will see basically fall/holiday related sets in the new catty I am guessing and then in January we'll see the spring/summer sets (my guess). Either way- come July 1st we are all going to have our noses in a new catalog and drooling........ come on, you know you will be! Just lap it up and turn the pages girls!!!!!! I can send out drool cloth with each catty. (smirk).

Okay- on to what I have been doing: I thought I would post my clips- I just love these little buggers and so much fun to make. You can get the huge clips at Target or Walmart and then just use a big image to embellish it. This one I used the flower from office accoutrement (and I promise no more from there- ok?) smiling.... I have also made them with smaller images and attached to the mid size clips. These are nice size still but I just love this one as it makes a statement. And what a great gift for co-workers and friends that you know use these a great deal. Plus, who can resist a fun project- I know I can not!
I have to go and tend to family things (gettin the kids ready for school) so have a blessed day!

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