Monday, April 9, 2007

Tin Lunch Box

Okay, so I bought this box about a year ago with good intentions that just never came about. As you all have probably seen these have been the rage for some time and always looked so fun to decorate (as long as you could figure out the top and handle) with so many options for use. So, I figured I had some time this weekend that I would go ahead and tackle this project. Well, it was a lot of fun and so simple to do, the handle did take a little strategy but it was well worth the effort. Inside the tin you could put dividers and use our new round tab punch to label them for cards, recipes, birthdays, oh the possibilities! I have not decided yet what I will do. I used studio K papers (just couldn't resist the colors and patterns ladies!) and then I went so far as to use a monogram so I wouldn't give it away ! LOL! Hope you like it.

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Heidi said...

How cute is this? You know we have at least one initial in common and well, if you decided that this just does not work for you it could always come live at my house! Great job as always, thanks for sharing!