Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bazaar Bound..........

Well the golf outing is over and so now I can focus on other things in life. One, being my upcoming vacation that I will be taking with my hubby.... just the two of us. We will be going to Puerto Vallarta, did I mention the kids would NOT be going? Well you know, I like any mother loves her kids but boy am I ready for this trip. Probably more related to life in general but it will be good time for the two of us to do nothing but sit, relax, read, relax........... well shall I digress any longer since I am sure you really do not want to hear about that trip (but don't worry, when it comes/goes- I will post some photos for you!)
Anyways- these little trinkets are some things that Jennifer and I got on The one is a little calendar and notepad. I am always looking for a piece of paper when Jim asks if I have some in my purse (usually have to use an old receipt or something) and I gave up on the bulky calendars. But this little thing is thin and it is only 3x4 inches. I also have one that is a little album, has slots for about 8 photos, perfect for grandmas! Then of course, the little 2x2 sticky note block. Is that the cutest little thing? Great for holiday tokens/gifts for co-workers or friends.
Sorry I don't have more to show you but this week left little time to stamp and this weekend I spent working on what else......... more tags so I won't bore you any more with those. I will work on something and post later this week.
Tata! Heidi

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