Thursday, September 27, 2007


I can not take credit for these two halloween projects but I can certaily take joy in looking at them. I just love 'em and for those that know me, know that is pretty impressive since I am not really a halloweenie kind of person. Just don't get into it and neither do my kids. But, I got the test tube from my upline Kim when we went to a SU Seminar this weekend and I thought it was so cute! Now, I will say that I do like this stamp set from SU and I think that it is because it is round and it fits so well with the scallop punch. The card is actually a card that we made at the seminar and it is colorful. The bubbles........... that was a real task in itself, those are all dry embossed during the day on SU cardstock which is so thick you can't use a light box for it! So I ended up just feeling for the indents on the brass stencil- ended up doing all 3 of ours (Oh, yeah- because I was so good at it.......NOT!) I just thought both of these projects were worth putting up here for you ladies and I hope you enjoy them.

Now- I do owe you all apologies as it has been a week since I posted and I know that is a sure way of losing viewers (and it is the new season you all k now!) So I apologize- I had a show last Thursday, prep for the seminar Sat and then the Seminar and then some family/work things to do so I didn't get much done.

So, here is a fall tag that I got from a friend some time ago and I just love it. The set is retired but she used wonderful colors, shrinky dinks and it just makes me feel so warm inside. These are the kinds of tags that I end up keeping forever because I can't part with them on a gift or project. I just love them. That is why I am hosting a tag swap on SCS, well that and who cant use tags for the holidays? I get tired of the same old sticker tags and I won't pay the price for the beautiful big ones- but I can make some! If you are interested in joining let me know and I can direct you to the right spot!
Well I must get going- have a great day and I will try to get back later/tomorrow to post a couple more projects. Plus........... I will have a product review for you in the next week!


Anonymous said...

so, you mean you still have room in your swap at SCS! Maybe I should sign up! Get those juices flowing again. Could you send me a link?

Anonymous said...

Um, don't know why that showed up as anonymous, but the swapping link question was from me...athunker :) LOL!