Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Blues.........

Good Monday and October 1st to you all! I can't believe it rained all day here, I used my little space heater to get the cold out of the bones! Oh, I know many of you are thinking for heaven sakes Heidi- what are you........ gettin old! Nope, always been like this. I just get cold easy and don't like rainy days unless I can sleep! :) Which I did not get to do today I might add!

So, I have this stamp camp this weekend and I have been sitting down in the evenings to create the projects that I will be doing. One of the projects I prepared for the summer camp that I cancelled so that just needed to be cut for all the ladies. Then I wanted fresh new ideas- I went to that seminar a couple weeks ago and thought it would be so much fun to do some of the things there. So, this is what I designed using one of the patters we made. I wanted it to be a Christmas card but something different, not your typically green and red, squares, etc... and I love this designer paper. I used Rose Red for this with celery base. The base of the inner square is rose red. I used the white zig pen to add the little dots on the scallops. I used flaky friends and just used one of the set of 5 snowmen in a row- colored with a marker. I just love this card- hope the camp ladies do as well.

The next item, sticking with the holiday theme here for a few minutes is a scrapbooking pages. Now, this was designed by one of the ladies at the SU seminar we went to a couple weeks ago again but I just love it. One it has the dashing paper which is a MUST for any paper "hoarder", you all know who you are! Yes, you, the one that won't share any of your paper because it is too good for your best friends! It is something you store in a closet and bring it out to just stare at it and drool over the colors, it is the paper that you DO NOT cut and God forbid the little ones actually get ahold of it to make their own special project. That will send you to therapy for a few year. Yes, so you all know who you are and I won't point any fingers at you (wendy). :) Anyways- now I can't even recall what point #2 is! But I just really like how it all meshes together and the point is that our colors are just so wonderful together! I think that you would all agree.

So- that is what you will get from me for this Monday- I will try and post again this week prior to the club but don't want to spoil all the stuff for the girls!



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