Monday, October 8, 2007

Scratch n Sniff..........

Ahhhhhhhhh, it smells like, orange! I wanted to do a technique that my customers had not done or shall I say had done with me. So I chose, yes a halloween card to make them happy (and the fact we did 2 other christmas cards in October!) and I loved out it turned out. I used the Batty for you set and then Seeing spots with black and pumpkin ink. So, where is the smell? Let me show you- I did wonder how I would do this but then I just thought make it right there! You almost have to feel that spot when you open the card and so I thought it would work best. Now, maybe I should make a little sticker that goes on it that says "scratch n sniff" with a little arrow? Oh who cares- it is cute and it smells good if you know what you are doing and it seemed the ladies liked it. To do this I made up a mixture of 1 part non-sugar kool aid to 2 parts clear embossing powder. Then I stamped the spot in pumpkin and then stamped over it in versamark, it was pretty easy to match up and to be honest it didn't have to be exactly right on. Then I covered with the kool aid/embossing powder mixture and heat embossed. Now when you scratch it- it smells like oranges. You could use any flavor- just use non-sugar ingredients so you don't scorch it.
Just a reminder to my faithful readers...... I will be on vacation for a bit so I will not be posting for a week or so. I hope you will post comments and wish for me to come back? maybe? Ah I will be basking in the sun, drinking little drinks with umbrellas so no matter what- I will be "good" when I get back. You all take care!


23jellybean said...

DH loved the scratch and sniff card, now if only I can make one that smells like BEER :)

Melissa Craig said...


I hadn't realized it had been so long since I've read your blog! Your projects are awesome. I have done this scratch and sniff with clear embossing powder and cinnamon. Pumpkin Pie spice would be good too! I love how this stuff smells when you're heating it, but it doesn't seem to last. Any tips?

Love the holiday clipies in an earlier post.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Love how you stameped the background...great job.