Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hold on tightly...........

These are little note or photo holders for on your desk. I have seen a lot of these online and SCS and thought I would give them a try and they are sooooooo peasy easy. I think it would make a cute co-worker gift or for someone in the family that has an office. I will be making a few of these for my bazaar in November but will also have some non-holiday ones for purchase as I know I would want to change them out. And yes, they are the large binder clips- Jen, my downline introduced me to The Flower Factory and I got a box of 12 for like 85cents- now that is a good deal.

Okay- so what else am I working on you ask.............. well I have not broken down and read the manual for my zutter but Jen tells me it will almost work on its own so maybe one evening I will just jump in and use it and see what happens. Then I can do a product review for you. So, instead I will show you this:

This is a card I got from my pal friend Sue Kempter Miller. I just love this set so I was thrilled that she sent me a card made with because I do not have it yet. Angie- you will want to lift this card as it is sooooooo darned cute. Plus it has that "hoardable" paper on it! Thank you Sue for sending me such a beautiful card.

And that is it for this fine Wednesday. I will post some pictures later this week from my stamp camp- don't want to show the girls the rest of the goodies and ruin it. I designed the last item last evening and love it- plus it uses a technique that I have not personally done- so look forward to that.


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Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh, I need more info about those in expensive binder clips! fill me in please.