Saturday, October 20, 2007

Memories linger.......................

Even though the vacation is now over, I still have the memories.......... and I need to scrap them too! This is the sunset one evening that we went out, we have like 40 different views of it so uploaded this one. I still need to review and delete and then upload so maybe you'll see more pictures in the upcoming weeks. We got home at like 3:30 yesterday morning, it was a 14 hour trip and I am so glad it is over and so is my stomach. Jim and I had the best time, we relaxed, read books, walked the beach and ate/drank of course. I love that they have those happy hours at those resorts- yummy is all I can say. But it is good to be home, we started to really miss the boys on Sunday or Monday and I do believe they are glad to be back at home as well.

So, now what am I going to be doing? Well as many of you know I have that craft show that I am organizing and also having a table. So, I have been working on projects for it. I found, yeah I had forgotten that I had all these little metal mailboxes (remember when target had them in their dollar spot?) and I bought them with this bazaar in mind. So tonight I finished up decorating 12 of them- this is one of them: I am not sure if I will sell them on their own or if I will 1. fill little baggies with goodies and put them inside or 2. put a little baggie of gift tags. Either way I still have to price them which I find is difficult to do. I may pop over to SCS and get some thoughts from the ladies over there. They always seem to have good ideas/suggestions.
So that is what I will be working on for the next two weeks. I will try and get some pictures up of some different things as well- I just got a new bunch of stamps and product and am excited to use them. (still have not done my product review of my zutter either because I have not used it- I am a bit intimidated but Jen S said she would stop over and help me out)
Talk to ya later- have a birthday for one of the boys tomorrow at grandma's- can't believe he is 15 already! Yikes...............

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