Friday, November 30, 2007

Where is Heidi??????????

Well it has been a busy life week for me and I honestly have done NO crafting, yes, I know, but it is true my dear friends that check in on me so often. I have been deprieved of this hobby but you know what, it feels a little good. Do you feel like sometimes you do so much of one thing that you just don't feel interested in it? Well that has been me (gasp) I know, but I am thinking I will get "it" back in another week when I have a few other committments done.

But I will say, I have found a fun place to hang out and be addicted to: a friend of mine introduced me to a PIF thread over at SCS and boy have I had fun. I have been able to trade off some of my sets I no longer want and get some sets I didn't even know I HAD to have. But seriously, I have gotten some house mouses, bellas, and whipper snappers! Does that not sound like fun? If you've got sets or stamps in general you want to trade- stop on over. It is a fast moving thread and so you better hand on tight and call it if you want it. Check it out:

And with that being said, have a great weekend and I will be back next week. And if I do any crafting I will post something for you all. Thank you for checking back with me though!


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