Thursday, December 13, 2007

She is adorable!

Here is another one of the precious moments images that I got off of SCS this last week. I was so worried about coloring these, hoping they wouldn't look like a preschooler colored them. I love them. I am so waiting for a couple that I am purchasing to arrive! I collect PM so this is fun, I never knew they had their own line- which, by the way, is no longer available unless you find them on ebay or someone that has them already. Poohey! But I am working on building a small collection (like I need that!).
I do apologize for not posting again- I feel like I am doing this alot but I have had some issues with the site loading and letting me post. It is all I can do sometimes is to get on, post really quick and hope it saves correctly.
I hope that you are all getting ready for the holidays and things are falling into place for you. I have most of my shopping done, the house is decorated and that is it. We had the big holiday get together that I had to prepare for already so now- it is all just sit back and have fun. Now does that sound good or what?
I will try and post some projects but gosh- I have not done anything but these two cuties lately. So take care and see ya later!


Dawn Mercedes said... doesn't look like a little kid colored it in. Practice makes perfect...keep on practicing!

UK MUM IN USA said...

your colouring great and such a cute card. Sam

jodene said...

Love this card. Way to cute!!