Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

Goodness where have I been? 
I have been meaning to get to posting and have just put it off each day and I can not believe it has been over 2 months.  But I can say it was a very busy two months: sent my 2nd son off to school and adjusting to that.  I have also been doing some work on the weekends and we took a little weekend sprint up north to the wineries. So overall I kind of took a break and it was refreshing.  

I have not really gotten back to regularly crafting but I did get some halloween cards done AND, listen ladies, wait for it- I mailed them out too!  I was so proud of myself.  

So here is a little spookiness!  Tuck a little gift card in there and good to go. Wishing you all a wonderful spookilicious day!  

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