Thursday, March 29, 2007

The beginning of my blog

It seems that everyone is blogging these days and I keep thinking that I must start doing something with all these thoughts. I am not sure if I will be able to keep it up daily but would love to have this place for my friends to come and see my creative side (ha! If I can find that again!).

Boy, you ever think to yourself, am I going to get to do that one thing that I love to do soon? Well that is how I have been feeling. Just a lot of "stuff" going on in life and work and I just don't feel like I will ever get back to my fun creative things............. but don't worry, I keep shopping for more ! Oh man, I have to stop that. (giggling..........) You all know what I am saying here don't you? You go into the store and see something new and you have to have it and I do mean HAVE to have it. You buy it and all the while you have great intentions on what you'll do with it. Two months later you run across it, or worse you can't find the darned thing and tear your whole room apart looking for it. Anywhooooo, you know the story. I am at that stage right now and need to spend some time crafting without purchasing ( and boy would DH agree with that wouldn't he!?)

Goals: I will set one, no purchases until I have done at least 2 projects. I have a little craft group getting together next week and I am hosting. I will get a couple projects ready for that and then I can use some of my stuff. That should work. If I am lucky, I will even post some things.

tata for the day!

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