Friday, June 19, 2009

Way to go Graduate!

Happy Friday! I am off to look at colleges today for my oldest son- I know I hardly look old enough but well, you know, some people gotta have the "young looking gene" (oh my gosh I am laughing too hard at myself here). Anyways- lets not talk about age.

I had to make a few more graduation cards and since our school colors are red and black that is the color scheme that I chose. I wanted it to be quite simple and so I chose a simple sketch. I embossed the left side with clear embossing powder on black and you know, I don't heat emboss much but it was fun, lets face it watching those images go from dusty to shiny- it is fun! LOL! So of course I had to emboss the Grad part as well. This card looks alright in the picture but I think in person it is even better and I hope the grad enjoys it too!

Have a great weekend ladies!


Michelle said...

heidi...sometimes CAS is sowonderful..isnt it? red and black are always a fave of mine..i love the bold contrast..this card is terriff!
ive left a little surprise for you on my blog....
when you have a sec pls pass by my blog to see what it is!

Michelle Forrest aka transprntbutterfly said...

Heidi, this is a great card! love the CAS look. Thanks for the reminder that I need a couple graduation cards!