Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland

What do you think? Is it not a winter wonderland? well actually it is not! It has been snowing all day and we have gotten at least 3-4 more inches since this was taken. If I took a picture now I am not sure if you could see the huge flakes that are coming down but they are big ones. I have to go out in that stuff too! Yikes...............
And here is a picture of our table on the back porch! Amazing- that was about 6hr ago though, it will be bigger next time.

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Tammi said...

WHOA! That's alot of snow, I want to come over and play! :) We still haven't gotten any here, so unusual. Pretty pictures and so is your new profile pic! Didn't you like that little sneak peek of Lost. lol Tiny little snippets, pretty soon they won't be showing anything! Loved Hurley this episode.