Thursday, February 6, 2014

Memory Card Organizer and Tutorial

Hello Everyone!  Heidi here with a little different project for today. 

I have been working on some project life pages for my son and I needed to find some type of organization for my cards that I had started to collect.  So of course my first thought was to reach out to Gina for some assistance- and this is what she came up with!  Isn't it beautiful!  
 It was very easy to put together just like all of Gina's organizers and home decor, I have included some photos at the end of the post with directions.  Remember that items like this come with detailed instructions on assembling them.   But quite honestly, my favorite part of these projects is decorating.  For this one I just covered the entire organizer in newsprint to give it a vintage feeling.  Then I added some of the little photo frames with some memory words.  
As you can see- the divided sections are perfect for the different size of cards.  And then there are the dividers that come with the box and you can purchase additional dividers as needed.  

Gina's Designs Product
Memory Keeping Organizers
Postage Frames

Putting your Organizer Together
Did I tell you that it was easy to put together ?
Did I tell you that you will get detailed instructions?
Well here is a little tutorial on putting it together:
1.  Lay your parts out on the table and always start with the center piece.
2. Start sliding all the part together and once they are together add a little glue to the slots.
3. Once all the center pieces are together set them onto the bottom and slide together and glue.
4. Finally- add the 4 outside pieces, glue and then you are ready to alter!

Now go and have a good time decorating your organizer! 

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Shanna Shands said...

I may need to make one myself. I am so debating on getting into the journaling pocket scrapbooking!