Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine Box

 Hello!  I had to share one more Valentine Project that I did for Gina's Designs.  This is my valentine box- used to collect valentine's at work.  It is actually a tangerine crate that I covered with white paper and then pink heart embossed paper.  Then I used a variety of the Gina's Designs Valentine chippies.  

On the far left I have used a little pink heart and another white heart from the Cupid Shape Set. On the front of the box is a solid heart and then a white double heart(Valentine Shape Set).  All my chippies were painted with spray paint. 
Then there is the little cherub, painted white and he is shooting hearts that I painted in varigated pink and red paints.  In the background you can see the two pink/white straws holding up the all loving doily with a couple more hearts.   This was definitely a hit! 

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