Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tropical Breeze...............

This is a picture that we took from the front of the resort this last week. We were in Cabo San Lucas and you are looking out across the Sea of Cortez to Lover's Beach. It was a beautiful week, wonderful resort and we got lots of rest. Thought I would share a couple photos with you all as a few had asked. This second picture is out on a water taxi that we took out to Lover's Beach. They give you a tour around the tip of the Baja Peninsula. You get to see the rocks, the coastal slit which is where the water from the Pacific comes into the Sea of Cortez and then of course the Sea Lions up close. This is the famous Arch that you see antime you see photos of Cabo San Lucas. It is pretty cool- at low tide you could actually walk under the arch, but most of the time the water is rough and you wouldn't go out there. Hope you enjoyed these and they make you all warm and happy (especially those enduring the cold and snow right now).
For those of you that come here to see crafts and not my vacation: onto a little project I had a little time to work on this weekend. I was having some withdrawals- even though I had a blast I was missing the release of some creativity. So, I got tart and tangy and make these little thank you cards with it. I will show you another one I am working on tomorrow- same set but with a little bling/fun! This is not a set that I would typically get but it is in the new SU mini, it is sweet and is a really good price. Then I got to thinking beads, scratch n sniff.......... and had to buy it!
That is it for tonight- I will bring you some more goodies later this week. Hoping life will settle now that we are back and I can do some fun stuff. PLUS my hubby made me a new "organization" piece and I look forward to showing you all.

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