Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holiday Blast Blog Candy!

Ok, I have to share because Suzanne has a fabulously awesome blog, this woman has creativity oozing from her. I would love to spend some time just sitting and watching her work (as I did with Claudia) because she just inspires me. So today she put up some wonderful BLOG CANDY and well, to enter I have to tell you about it. Of course, whether you go is up to you- because the more that sign up, the less chance I have at winning. LOL! No, if you only go for the inspiration- you will be happy you went! Go- you only have until the 8th!

THEN, to top that off- you can win Whiff of Joy stamps from Bev! Now is today not looking brighter already. Please stop in and check out Bev's blog- she is another talented lady that will inspire you!

You want more candy? Try this Stampin Annie's!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info...I will go have a look. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could spend some time watching Claudia.....lucky you Heidi......I believe we have the same car.....mine's red LOL!
Carole :-)

Anonymous said...

Heidi...I spoke with Claudia about cars for some reason and told her what my car was....Paulo said that it was the same as yours.....good my car :-)
Carole x