Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Diploma

Hello everyone! Well as you know I have been focusing on graduation, only 5 more days, making graduation cards, party favors, and such. So I wanted to do a simple but fun little party favor for the kids at the graduation party and this is what I came up with (after doing some research). My son loves starburst, as does many of his friends, so this first diploma is a package of starburst. yep, those square packages that have like 15 starburst in them! I actually like the size they turned out because they feel a little more substantial. I made the DSP on the computer and actually printed it on copy paper because the cardstock was too thick and didn't roll nicely.

This next set of them is.............. can you guess? They are smaller around but longer in length, they have a white wrapper with some brown and orange print on them. Any guess? They are cowtails! My son and I also love these- carmel candy with cream in the center........ yummy. I saw them at Gordon's and new I had to use these for him! So I put the black ties on them instead of the red ones (which indicate star burst).

I hope all the kids like them............. they are fun. Ok, off I got now, have a fabulous week!


Kathy said...

Such cute treats for your ds and his friends, they will love them. Congrats to your son on his upcoming graduation.

Tammi said...

These are awesome, our boys would have loved these!

Marisa said...

What a great idea :D I'm sure they will be a hit!