Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snowflakes and Butterflies

Smile! That is what I do whenever I look at this card. The face on this little snowman just makes me feel good. It is a magnolia that I think I got last year- not a whole lot of coloring either but I did want to match him up with some papers/color other than traditional christmas colors. What do you think? Does he look happy or what............ but still wintery. :)


Rach said...

He looks gorgeous Heidi, a brilliant christmas card.xx

Tammi said...

I love these happy snowmen too, I'm working on a card right now with one. Your card is gorgeous Heidi, great colors! ~hugs

Sue said...

I love this little snowman. Definitely will have to find one to purchase. This card is awesome too - love the colors and you're right, he makes me smile.