Monday, January 3, 2011


That man had some wonderful things to say didn't he? Of course it is always nice when those wonderful stamp creators put them onto rubbah too! :) So this little box was inspired by a money box that was given to one of my boys last year. I kept it and finally just today I sat down to make it. I had to do all the measuring, scoring, re-scoring to get it right. But it finally turned out for me and made me pleased. The base of the box is made with semi-thick cardstock that I covered with DSP and cardstock on both sides, giving it more strength and stability. The actualy, box part as you can see below is made of the same chipboard and covered around the edges with DSP. The one thing I dislike on projects like this is matching all the scorings up- and this required both sides!

The sketch on the outside of the box is done with an older pack of S.U. DSP and following one of the Verve sketches for January 2011. I realized after I completed the pictures that you can't really see the little hearts and beads on the front- but they are very cute.

This is obviously the inside of the box and I was thinking that you could put a little divider in it to put a couple different kinds of treats in it. I found these cute little Valentine candy corns the other day and knew they fit the bill.

Take care and thanks for stopping in today!


Tammi said...

What a pretty box, and yum on what's on the inside! Wishing you a Happy New Year Heidi! ~hugs

Maureen said...

adorable and yummy!!! I love Text fave set right now :) have fun with your son!! Lucky he gets another week off...our university here in town goes back next week too, but Jake starts back tomorrow.

Marisa said...

Love the DPs you used and the box is a wonderful use of the sketch! Well done :) Can't believe you had kid in university! You must have started young - I'll be an old hag by the time my kids get to university LOL!