Sunday, August 5, 2012

No, I know its not Halloween but......

Good Morning Everyone!  Today brings some cooler weather here and some much needed rain too!  If you know me, that is not typically what I would say I enjoy but I welcome it this week.  I might even get to work on a few projects too!  

So these cards are ones I made last Sunday when I went to visit my friend and shop owner Ginny.  She invited me to a paper play date and I was not going to turn that down.  

The first card I started with just the softest little polka dots (luv me some dots!) and started layering these funny little skeletons, that well I guess in their own way are scary- we will give them that.  OH- and see those little rosettes?  Well Ginny taught me how to make those and now I am on a rosette making spree. I have like 20 of them glued to a file folder.  LOL!  (you know that means you will be seeing them again). 

 This second card I started with making memories papers and changed the direction of the card.  The little halloween card is from my stash and Ginny gave me the bingo cards which I am loving using.  Another rosette with a little brad in it!

Well that is it for me today, I need to get myself being creative so I can get some things posted this week don't I?  I was more than slacking last week I might add.  


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