Monday, August 20, 2012

Pretty in Purple

Happy Monday! 

So over on Really Reasonable Ribbon they are challenging us to make purple cards.  Well I for one am not a real purple kind of gal, it is probably one of the last colors (besides green) that I grab so this was a true challenge for me.  And after I made the card I realized it really has alot of white on it! 

I was talking to my pal Ginny about my photography skills, I really struggled with this card.  First the ribbon is a gorgeous purple and has a shimmer to it and the camera just did not want to "capture" it.  Then it was dusk and so I tried to get as much light as I could find to photograph it.  Overall- the card is definately a frilly purple girlie card, clean and crisp.  

Have a fabulously PURPLE day! 


dwaldenrn said...

Very pretty for someone who hates purple.

dwaldenrn said...

Pretty card for someone who isn't so fond of purple.

Anonymous said...

Heidi...this card is so sweet. Simple and elegant...just like you: )
I checked over at RRR and I didn't see your link in the challenge. Hopefully it went through okay. ginny

Katie said...

Beautiful card, Heidi! I am not a big purple person myself. :)

Bonnie said...

Great card! Thanks so much for participating in our Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge.