Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Off The Page.... and lovin' it!

Hello my dear friends!  So this last week I got my new  Off The Page package from Gina's Designs and I am loving these items.  They are a thick hardboard, sturdy and thick.  
I think that they are wonderful to work with and so versatile.  I thought I would show you a couple of the items that I got and I am sure you will love them for your upcoming projects! 
 Gina has these beautiful words and these very detailed butterflies.  Yes, these are very nice sized- great for using on larger projects.  Oh I can't wait !!!!
 I do apologize for the little "glare" in the middle of the photo frame but I took over 4 photos and it just didn't work. So I thought I would at least get this out there for you all.  I have a few ideas for these frames, so doesn't it just get your creative thoughts flowing?
And then I had to show this, I am working on a baby album right now but this is a sweet little baby "box".  I recommend that you stop on over to Gina's Designs and give them a try.

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Sassy said...

Those butterflies are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them in one of your projects.