Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take a Balloon Ride

 Hello all my dear friends!  Today I have another project for Gina's Designs.  I just adore these large size chipboard tags so much, giving you lots of space to decorate and make a statement.  
 I started this tag by taking a piece of kraft cardstock, crimping it and then tore a couple of spots in the top paper so that the "corrigated" paper shows through. I like doing this because then you can tear your paper and either stamp on that back piece or in this case- I put in a gear and then layered another layer of gears/buttons on top of it. 
Then at the top of the tag I added a few more gears and tied them together: my thought in my head is that the gears are turning and the baloon is rising.  

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Katie said...

Gorgeous tag! I love the color hues and all the great embellishments.