Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vintage Camera Box

So today I have a sweet little vintage camera box. The first picture is it in sepia which I thought was quite fitting! 
Doesn't it look old, distressed and vintage?  

Now we can give you a different perspective of it in color so you can see the beautiful sparkle and the delicate flowers from Craft Supplies 1.
 I started the box by putting it all together- I use E6000. Then I really wanted it too be vintage and distressed so I spray painted it with white paint: and part of the look is due to the way this product "takes" the paint if you do not prep it.  So I preface with I did not prime it this time to get this look.  I then used some clear liquid glue all over it and covered it with glitter flakes- I mean what doesn't look romantic with glitter flakes.  
 So then i wanted the lens to look vintage and cracked so I used about 5 layers of UTEE, put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and pulled it out and bent it a little to crack it.  Looks old- right?  Now in this photo you can get a great look of those beautiful flowers-  we will start with the sheer white ones with pearls in the middle- can you say delicate?  Then there are the clear beads with wire and in the back of this photo you can see little pearl flowers with rhinestone centers: these are so sweet and special. 
Here is another photo of the flowers and beads.... look at those sparkly blue beads!  And you can peak at those little pearl flowers with the rhinestones in the center.  So sweet!  


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Shanna Shands said...

I love how you did your camera. I need to do mine!