Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Isn't she beautiful???

Well here is a sneak peak of the new catty!!! I got it from a lady that received hers on Friday and here I sit waiting for mine. I am crossing my fingers as there is a delivery set for tomorrow but we shall see if one is mine! Doesn't it just make you excited, drool a little? I know I am ... picture opening that catty and seeing all that new stuff. Jim doesn't get it- but I knew you all would. Sweet dreamzzzzzzz!

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23jellybean said...

How in the world does that girl stamp, there is not a spot on that desk. :) Ok that didn't work, I was trying to distract myself because this waiting is causing the last 2 weeks to seem like 2 months. Lets hurry it up already. I want to see all the goodies.