Friday, June 29, 2007

Breathe....breathe....... ah............

Okay, so there is no photo for today but can you feel the calmness come over me now? I have the new catalog in my hands and I have spent some wonderful time with it, drooling over new sets, mesmerized by the layout and not to mention the beautiful cover girls! Come on, you have to agree it is GOJUS!!!!!!

You are not going to want to miss anything in there.......... from the IN COLORS, the pretties, the build a brad, the scallop punch and oh, did I mention all the new wonderful stamp set? So, I start going through the catalog and the way it is set up just coordinates- all the colors are kind of based off the IN COLORS and how they work with our current colors. Anyways, I start a list to make my color combinations, I mean, I usually use my color coach (one of the best things I have and yet so simple) to help me coordinate my colors but this catty has some great color combinations........... I had to go and write them all out. So, now I am ready for a new year of cards in awesome combinations.

I am going out of town this weekend and guess what will be accompanying me? Oh yeah- the catty and a nice big notepad! I started my list and the first time around I had 15 sets that I want......... but you know it will be more once I start to see all those beautiful cards on SCS. That doesn't count all the punches, doo dads, chipboard, and designer paper- Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there is so much beautiful paper for those that scrapbook.

Okay- now I guess I should go............ as Jan Tink calls it I have New Catalog Brain Haze (NCBH) and have to do something worth doing. Look forward to seeing you all at the Open House on the July 9th- stop in and we can relax and have some fun!


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