Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Di-licioius Candy

Okay, ladies I have to share this because Claudia has become a good friend of mine and she is having the most Di-licious candy to give away. I told her I shouldn't share this because it decreases my odds of winning but, well I must share and share alike. You have to check it out, you can win this SWEEEEEEET little book full of 200 images that she owns (and she owns a lot of fun stamps I tell you). and a Magnolia stamp that Diana Crick donated (isn't she da-bomb?). Now Diana is selling Magnolia's and they are shipped from the US for an awesome price. Send her an email at and she will send you a list of what she has. So- go and check out Claudia's Site HERE


23jellybean said...

TFS - You know I love to check out the links you give us.

Claudia Rosa said...

thank you so much heidi..
you are awesome