Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine Kiss Box

Okay back today for another short post.......... I hope you all don't mind the shortness. It was a busy week but then I got a couple days off and thought I would just play. So I got all my stuff posted and well, what do you say when you are posting 3-4 days ahead of time. Ha! Not alot I guess.

But this is a little Valentine treat box, once again for a challenge. I used a couple of my punches to decorate the tops and bottom. I actually made the box out of a transparancy and it was very easy. Uhem, where did the rest of the candy go? LOL!

Have a good one!


Paige said...

Oh, I love this! Very pretty and a wonderful treat holder - um, where are the treats?

Sue said...

We all know where the treats went Heidi:) I love the punch trim and the font on this stamp set!! Awesome treat holder.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fantastic idea- I love this project. So, where are the kisses???

Kathy said...

Cute Valentine treat box. Funny all my treats seem to disappear, too!