Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silver Lining..................

Hello everyone! You have one of those weeks were you go, What just happened? That has been our week. My husband ended up having to go in for surgery on Thursday unexpectedly. A 30 minute procedure took 3hrs and a 24hr stay turned into 3 days. Then we lost power .......... but I am glad to say that my husband is now home and our power is back on!
NOW- I wouldn't want anyone to think that it was all bad- there was a silver lining called Tim Holtz!
This is my friend Denise and I with Tim. Denise, I never got the signed release but at least all your friends can now see you with Tim. :) Okay, okay, I know you all didn't come to see us (well maybe Tim, but not me and Denise) so here are some pictures of the wonderful things that we created in our class with Tim.
So the first thing we made was the little flower pin that Denise and I are wearing. I realized now that it is not a great picture of them so I will have to take a good photo later. But it was all made with material, some grunge paper and a vintage button.

This is a necklace using a book plate, some of his ideology line and the heart is one that Tim told us how to mold/make. Now I don't see me doing it but who knows. We used the paint daubers to give the book plate color. The chain was put together by Mario (poor guy had to do lots of those!). It is very vintage- just love it.

And then my most favorite creation.... a vintage charm bracelet. We used the tag fragments and used TH paper to put behind them. All the charms and alphabets are from ideology. Isn't it wonderful? I love wearing it because it also tinkles and clinks.

So I apologize for being gone so long- but this long post should suffice to make up and the items are fabulous if I don't say so myself (but all credit to Tim). Hope you enjoy.


Cindy's Creative Corner said...

Heidi, - Girl you did an amazing job! I know how excited you were to go to this class and meet Tim. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time and made some great projects. What a precious memory. I glad to hear Jim is back home and recovering. I'm sure he needs some extra TLC!

Marisa said...

Boy, and I thought my week was a tough one! So sorry to hear your hubby had to get surgery and had a few turns along the way. Trusting he is good to go now!

How FUN to be able to go to a class with Tim Holtz! Your creations are wonderful. I have some of his inks on my wish list or tea dies or whatever they are called (not sounding to good here I know, but I know what they look like LOL!). He has tapped into market that has no end - smart man that he his :D Glad you had fun!

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Glad to hear your hubby is on the mend, never a dull moment is there?
How exciting to meet Tim and take the class!

Shelly Schmidt said...

WOw- how fun to meet Tim in the flesh! Lucky you- great projects- love the charm bracelet. Hope your hubby has a speedy recovery!

Carla aka scrappypug said...

wow.... sending lots of good wishes you and your hubby's way! and I am so envious of your time with Tim! what a fab experience and your creations are just gorgeous!