Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flowery Fun!

 Good Morning!  Today is going to be a little long so grab a seat, well if you plan on reading it all anyways.  I have been making some little smash books and board books over the last couple of weeks and I am loving it.  I even got to pull out my binder which has not been used in foreva.......

This first little book is just a little one to tuck a few photos and sentimental into to have on a coffee table or desk at work.  The little lid in the photo goes so well doesn't it?  My friend Emily made that for me and I had to use it for a prop!  Anyways, the little  pendant is made using TH die and all the papers in here are October Afternoon, I warned you all earlier that you'd see it again.  

 I think that what I enjoy most about these little books is that each page you can do anything with.  It really pushes me to be creative so that each page is unique from the next but also matches.  This first one is just a spot for a photo and then there is that butterfly with the pearls coming down.  The bottom one I made it so that you can actually slide a photo into that photo spot.  I may even add a little something at the bottom for some journaling now that I am looking at it again.  
 Here we have a little journaling card or a place for a photo and then I thought the little flower would be great to put a cute little photo in there.  Can't you just picture a cute little girls face in there. 
 Here is a photo of the final page in the book. Just a little sentiment and tag which could be used to accent a photo as well.  This final photo is just a close up of the little butterfly leaving a trail of pearls...........  
Well if you've made it to here I thank you.  I hope you like this little book and maybe it will inspire you to create one.  I do have a few more items like this over the next few weeks.

Building Friendships Blog Hop
I just wanted to let you all know that I will be hosting and participating in a Blog Hop August 19th.  It really is just a little something fun to inspire our readers and everyone who participates will be giving away prizes!  So I hope you will mark your calendars! 


Maureen said...

such lovely papers! Was this the book you said you were working on last week during SAF? Okay, so my cubby display was found at our Canadian Winners/Homesensee... sort of like Ross' Dress for less or TMax, but they have home furnishings as well. I had to grab it as it was the only one and you know if you go back the next day it will be gone. I thought I could use either flat on the counter, but I love displaying newly created cards in it :) It reminds me of the Pottery Barn one I have for buttons and my PTI stamps.

Anonymous said...

This is just charming and adorable! You know I love me some board book. Color choices are awesome as always. I think that would be a lovely gift.
I'll be posting the hop on my calendar because I'll be playin along too!!! Hope you get to come to the shop to play today. If you do...can you bring a catalog??? I'm feelin the need for some sentiment stamps.