Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its a BLUE thing

Hello!  Welcome back...... today is the big day at our house.  My son is leaving for his trip to Europe for the next 3 weeks.  I am sooo excited, and a little jealous, ok, ok.......... alot jealous as he is going to have an adventure over there.  He will be staying with family but until he gets there I will be a little nervous, you think?   ACK......

So today's little number was one I did a week or so ago with some extra paper I had sitting around. Isn't it beautiful?  I believe it is K&Co, one of their blue packs that I spared going into the garage sale this last month.  Glad I kept it: the paper itself makes the card-look at that flower! I only added the extras because I wanted some depth.  

Well I do hope you liked it and hope to see you back again! 

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Anonymous said...

This is a lovely card. I can't believe it was from paper just laying around???? You are a super genius. Hope your Son is having loads of fun on his trip and gets back safe and sound. I need to get with you and a catalog and order me some stamps.