Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mantle Decorating

Preparing for the Holidays! 

Happy Thursday everyone!  This last week I started decorating the house in preparation for the holidays.  I started by doing some shopping so I could make some changes in decor.  My mantle was the first area that I wanted to change.  Typically I have cute little stocking hangers and some basic candles.  I decided to change to silver and white so this is the far left: a glass jar filled with these awesome silver balls.  Some of them have glass pieces on them, others have sequins: and I mixed a couple of green ones in there.  I added this little white bird to contrast the silver.  There are also fresh greens, pointsettia and lights.  I hope you are having fun decorating! Heidi 

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Sassy said...

Very nice, Heidi! Love the colors.