Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pink and Glittery

Just a quick post, I need to work on some projects to get posted.... wait, this is a project right?  I made this cute little pink, white and silver Deco Mesh wreath for my SIL (she luvs pink, sound familiar?).  I gave it to her on Thanksgiving and I think that she liked it.  I had hubby pain the metal frame pink and then I went to town with the mesh, the glitter was a falling all over my kitchen. Today when I swept I found more glitter.... the little bells and leaves all were glittery: it was truly a pretty wreath.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got some of your holiday "schtuff" done.  I have felt so slow this year, having a hard time getting my stuff to look the way I want it to! UGH...... so back to work tomorrow. Have a great week!


Katie said...

Happy Holidays Heidi! I love this smashingly pink wreath! So whimsical and festive.

Sue & Char said...

That is absolutely gorgeous Heidi!!! Are you going to post a tutorial? LOL Cant tell what the mesh is wrapped around. WOuld love to know how you did it. Very pretty!! xo